Offering solid performance at a great price, the Abu Garcia Vengeance Casting Rods expertly balance form with function, yielding an affordable series with maximum performance capabilities. The 24-ton high-modulus graphite blanks are lightweight and sensitive yet powerful, and stainless steel framed guides with Zirconium coated inserts are durable enough to stand up to braided lines, providing long smooth casts and additional weight reduction.

Creating comfort and security, each Vengeance Casting Rod also features a Soft Touch Sea Guide Reel Seat and High Density EVA Contoured rear and fore grips. With every detail accounted for, the Abu Garcia Vengeance Casting Rods deliver Abu Garcia's legendary performance and quality at a very economical price.

Additional Features:

-Texas Rigged Hook Keeper
-Backed by Limited 3 year Warranty

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I bought one of these rods in a combo with a black max reel at Academy about 2 years ago.  Cost me like $80 for the rod and reel.  I was only going to use it to learn how to use a baitcaster, then buy a better set up.  After using my $500 Lew's and Dobyns rig for about a month, I picked this one back up, bought another one, and haven't been back to my expensive set up yet.  Love the rod, the reel isn't bad either, but the only reason I don't put my lew's reel on it is because the black max has a low enough gear ratio that I don't get hung up on standing timber as much.  I've probably caught over 100 bass over 2# with this rod and it has never disappointed me.  Love it.

From: Josh: Mustang, OK 1/26/15

Comments: fought a legal halibut with this rod, got a 3lb spottie on this, and much else over the period of a year. This thing is bulletproof. I have the m and can fish everything. Awesome sensitivity especially when using braid. Honestly like it just as much as my friends vendetta.

From: Unknown: HB 4/15/14

Comments: These rods are a steal. If you're looking for a spinnerbait rod, or small crankbait rod, you cant beat these. Very light and very comfortable in your hand. Why spend more for a rod to fish reaction baits?

From: Chip: NC 3/6/14

Comments: Great rod for $50, Abu Garcia never skips on quality and durability, I had a Vengence for a whole season and it perfromed exceptionally well for such a low price point, the rod is probably one of the best rods for pond fishing and throwing a mix of baits while traveling with only one or two rods. In my opinion this rod goes well with a reel from Abu Garcias "Max" series, my setup is the Pro Max. Although late in the season I tripped and snapped the rod tip i think I'll still find a wide range of use with a now 6'0" rod. All in all, if youre looking for the best priced rod that you can pond hop with, and not break you, this is the rod.

From: Andrew: Honor, MI

Comments: had this rod for a season so far. Couldn't afford a swimbait rod, so I substitute the 7'6 heavy casting 5" decoys n 6" hudds. This rod has lots of back bone and I've caught fish up to 7lbs with it!! Very reliable and great rod for the price!!

From: Xiong: Suisun City

Comments: I guide and fish tournaments on Grand Lake. I was raised throwing Abu Garcia rods and reels. I love them. I have, however, been throwing crankbaits on the wrong rods. The high dollar ones. This rod in a 6'6" M is the best shallow cranking rod I've ever used! I rarely throw anything shorter than 7' but this thing is bad. Looking forward to trying the 7' M with some deeper cranks. Spend the $50. We all have $150+ cranking rods and this will blow them away.

From: Jay: Monkey Island, OK

Comments: I'm an Abu fan but..... Save your money for a veritas rod or another in the Abu line up. I've Broken 3 of these rods on large fish . The rod has decent action and feel but when it comes to the fight they fail... Two of the rods splintered at the tip when the fish were pulling drag... The other snapped at the center during a solid hookset. I purchased the rod to be a everyday pond fighter and save my good rods for the tourney days, But after a few returns and some frustrating days my veritas keeps hauling em in. Abu has a wonderful claims dept though ,their customer service is top notch, this is also why I will stand behind there products even when a few have their shortcomings .

From: Thomas: holly springs , nc

Comments: what can I say its great rod tons of flex and backbone and cant beat the price.

From: Jacob: MD

Comments: Great rod! Use it for flipping docks in both fresh and salt water. Have caught many, many fish on this paired with a 6:3:1 Daiwa Laguna reel. Handles big baits well. Though, after only four months, the smallest line guide lost its ceramic interior. (unsure of this part's name) Consequently, the bait did not fall smoothly, and the line would occasionally be nicked by the metal.

From: Tanner: San Diego, CA

Comments: Recently picked up the 7' medium version of this rod in a Black Max combo. Upon first use, the rod seemed to have a pretty decent action to it but felt brittle. After landing a number of 2-3 pounders, I'm happy with the quality of this rod. It makes for a great hook set and is more comfortable in the hand than some of my more expensive rods. For the price, definitely a rod worth picking up...goes nicely in combo with the Black Max reel.

From: Marty: Willow Spring, NC, USA

Comments: A very good rod.  I  have the 7' 6" Heavy fitted with an Abu Garcia Silver Max for fishing jigs.  I have hauled in big bass in the thickest water hyacinth with this rod.  It works great for jigs and frogs as well as Texas rigs.  Abu Garcia has done it again.

From: Anthony: Greensboro, NC

Comments: Just bought one of these rods and used it the firist day i got it even though it is still cold here i still got a nice 2 pounder using a jig definitly worth the money.....

From: Brenden: Ridgewood, NJ

Comments: this rod sucks ive had two a 6 6 spinrod and a 7 6 heavy and both of the tips poped out. I will never have another one until they fix something

From: Scott: Saluda, SC

Comments: Great rod lots of backbone nailed an 11 pounder right out of the package no lie caught a chunk the day it was delivered.

From: Sam: Lincoln, NE

Comments: I got the 6'6" and it is a great crank bait rod, I have it matched with a 5:01 Lews BB-40 reel

From: Clark: Winslow, ME

Comments: great rod for the price ton of backbone awesome for crankbaits.

Comments: great rod has a lot of backbone to it

Comments: It definitely exceeded my expectation. I bought it as a backup rod to paired w/ my Quantum Smoke 150 since EXO was OOS. One of the best at this price.

From: Kyle: Port Moody, BC

Comments: For 50$ I must say this is a very solid rod. I have been using it for throwing injected Lunker Punkers and throwing for punching mats with 1.5oz tungsten weights and this rod has done both flawlessly. Rod is light and balanced and has a lot of back bone. It might not be the must sensitive rod but I don't think you need sensitivity when you are throwing topwater or punching where you aren't really feeling the bottom. It also has a 3yr warranty which is nice. For 50$ I don't think you can beat it.

From: CA

Comments: For paying 50 dollars I was not expecting a whole lot from the rod and black max reel that I got to go with it. Took a while off fishing and needed some newer gear. I am happy with the rod and I mainly toss jigs with it, some spinner baits and anything too heavy or my spinning gear. Rod is good, strong, stiff and has helped me land some really nice fish this season. Guides were all good to go, no chips or breaks yet, Will be upgrading all my rods to the Vendetta however since buying one for a new spinning rod, love the sensitivity from the Vendetta and for under 100 it is a great deal. overall I would recommend this to someone who wants functionality on a budget, and also wants something they can enjoy and not worry about it breaking and wasting 100's of dollars. I use Viscous FC on my Black Max, very strong, I have been hung up on trees and rocks and will bend the hook before I break the line. 15/17 lb.

Comments: Just recieved the rod at my front door. So far so good i got the 7'6" Heavy for flippin and pitchin. Lets see how well it holds up. Light for being a heavy rod and lots of guys. A lot of people have problems with it having unaligned guides. The guide alignment is perfect. I think it was when they came out with the first ones that a lot of it had problems. 9/10 just because i havent tested it out yet.

From: Adrian: Seattle, WA

Comments: Sucks it broke within 2 months of having it barely hung up and snap

From: Doug: LA

Comments: I got rod in today from ups looks nice the med is a nice light med that is what i wanted. I put the black max Abu Garcia real on it cant wait to go out tomarow with it

From: Jason: Friendship, WI

Comments:  I already reviewed this item; gave it a 9/10 but only because I hadnt used it yet at that point. I took it out this weekend and I just love this rod. I have the 6-6 M with a moderately fast tip.......I originally purchased this rod for topwater (pop-r's and chug bugs); but now have switched it over to use with shallow crankbaits. The action is JUST RGHT for those crankbaits. Plenty of flex in the rod which will result in less thrown crankbaits. I have caught 6 Bass on this rod so far and it handled every single on of them fantastically. I own 2 Abu Garcia Veritas Rods as well; I would say they are better, but not really by a whole lot. If I didnt already have a 7-6 Veritas I would not hesitate to order the 7-6 Vengeance to handle my flipping and pitching duties. GREAT JOB Abu Garcia.....very nice rods. I will say that this rod has the MOST COMFORTABLE GRIP I have ever used on any rod

From: Gary: PA

Comments: Just received this Rod today via Fed-Ex.....WOW; what a great rod. It is very comfortable to hold; the trigger is great; the handle actually fits the hand like a glove. I typically fish with $100+ rods and I am very happy with this purchase. I bought the M 6'6" for use as my topwater rod for Pop-r's and chug bugs etc. I think it'll work out great. Its rather whippy per say; which is exactly what I was looking for. This rod is dead on with the M action. I tend to set the hook a little quick on topwaters and with the action of this rod I feel as though it will help with my hooksetting ratio and will certainly help out with less thrown lures by the Bass. GREAT JOB Abu-Garcia and of course GREAT JOB Tackle Warehouse. This rod is also VERY light weight. All in all I will give it a 9 out of 10; and thats only because I havent actually taken it to the lake yet.  

From: Gary: PA

Comments: This is the best rod for the money!!! i am going to get another rod asap! What can i say, Abu Garcia you did it again!!!

From: Joe: FL

Comments: just got a heavy 7'6"one feels just as good as a mojo slop and frog in my opinion

From: Rob: VA

Comments: Just got the 7'6" Heavy in the mail. Bummer. The third guide from the tip is 1/4 inch out of line from the rest of them. Not bent, actually set in epoxy that way. Epoxy from the rod ran onto the foam grip when it was made. And last but not least, in typical Vengeance fashion, the epoxy around the bottom two guides was cracked, brand new right out of the tube. The new looks are great and these grips are the most comfortable grips I've used...even better than my Veritas, Falcon, and Mojo Bass. However, everything about this rod screams $50. I have had two of these before this one and figured maybe the updates would have made them worth having. I was wrong. I have had three of these now and every one of them had cracked epoxy around the guides. Maybe I just get the dud every time because the reviews seem to be the opposite of what I have to say.

From: Caleb: IN

Comments: got this rod free with my revo stx and couldnt be happier! got it in 7 foot medium used an old lews reel i had lying around on  it. it works great!! thrown swim jigs,smaller spinnerbaits, and hair jigs on it and it handles light lures really well, and its really sensitive for a $50 rod... LOVE IT!!! especially for free!

From: Justin: Washington, D.C.

Comments:  This is a great rod i love this rod good job Garcia and thanks tackle warehouse

From: Jordan: Longview

Comments: i got a 6'6'' rod this summer from the factory an early release and i love it very sensitive and you can feel everything but still able to catch a 16# northern and a 5# bass cant really beat it for the price i give it a 9/10

From: David: Barnard, VT

Comments: Got my 2 med. hvy. rods today. I have already tried them out. I love them. Thanks Garcia and Tackle Warehouse.

From: Danny: Sparta, TN

Comments: I just received the 7'M Vengeance yesterday, and am really impressed with it! It definitely doesn't feel like a $50 rod. I bought this rod to replace a junk Shimano topwater rod I had, and so far it's a welcome change! Diawa reels fit great in the reel seat, and I also like the slightly longer trigger. The back of the trigger is swept forward and allows your fingers to stay closer together. So far it's a really comfortable rod, and does a great job as a topwater rod.

From: Chris: Cropwell, AL

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