Ask ten anglers what the right handle length is and you’ll get ten different answers. The Abu Garcia Verdict Casting Rods solve this problem with the Extending Handle System. Shorten the handle for topwater and finesse techniques, extend it for power casting and extra distance, or set it anywhere in between for any technique.  The Abu Garcia Verdict Casting Rods allow you to perfectly balance your setup with any reel and any technique.

Premium, lightweight 36-ton graphite blanks offer the highest grade of graphite available in an Abu Garcia rod, delivering incredible lightweight sensitivity and strength. Titanium Alloy Guides with SiC inserts also help reduce weight, while facilitating longer casts and optimum rod curvature. High density EVA grips furnish all day ergonomic comfort. Always perfectly balanced thanks to the Extending Handle System, the Abu Garcia Verdict Casting Rods offer the technologically advanced, high performance serious angler need.

-Backed by 3-year limited warranty 

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I bought the 7 foot H a week ago and went to the lake immediately to break it in. when I got to the water I noticed a rattling in the rear end of the rod that will travel back and forth with every cast and flip. I cant tell anything that is wrong with the rod as far as performance but do believe something has come loose in the adjustable part. other than that the rod is sensitive and feels strong. it did everything from skipping jigs into bushes and docks to throwing a football jig in open water and performed very well with both.

From: Andrew: West Central, GA 3/6/14

Comments: This rod has performed excellent for me paired with a gold Bass Pro Carbonlite reel. I bought the 6'6 MH 2-piece model. Great backbone and I find that the tip is perfect for ripping rattle baits through weed beds. I got this rod last summer and it is one of my go to setups.

From: Derek: Ontario, Canada

Comments: I love this rod for the most part. It is a good buy. My first one broke and the guides seem to bend easier than other rods, but as long as you take care of it, you will love it. I would definitely recommend this rod. 

From: Alec

Comments: DO NOT BUY. Bought the 7'6" med/hvy.  Guides are terrible, they fold over on hard hooksets. The sliding handle junk it breaks on hard hooksets. Spend $30.00 less and buy the Veritas same junk eyes but good strong durable rod.

From: Bill: WI

Comments: DO NOT BUY!!!: I was in love with this think for the 3 days i used it until today. I decided to use the handle system and i heard to my surprise the whole rod was spinning instead of just the butt. I would not recommend this to any one.

From: Matt: Massapequa Park, NY

Comments: Good rod I liked it alot and then the handle broke so I have black tape around it I love it besides the handle they just need to come up with a better design but its super light sensative and pretty durable But for about 30 dollars less i would get the veritas

From: Kevin: Mountain City

Comments: not a bad rod, it is a bit heavy than i would like but not bad for 129.95 the only problem i have had so far was the adjustable handle broke and it no longer stays locked in place.

From: Matt: Candlewood, CT

Comments: I was so excited about this rod but it snapped in half on the thank you, never again.

From: Leith: Ontario Canada

Comments: This rod is the perfect rod in 7ft med. action to use as a drop shot rod you can feel every little tap or tender mouth big pig with this rod I teamed it with the lews tournament pro speed spool and find it to be one of my favorite combos when i need to boat fish to win;

From: Crazy Con 51: Blue Springs, MO

Comments: The rod is not the same as the Vendetta! Better blank material, lighter rod, more sensative! The handle is gimmicky though.

From: John: Altoona, IA

Comments: You guys are so wrong, my friend Sam has the Veritas i have Verdict our friend Eli got Vendetta and Frank got the Vengeance, all different rods entirely. The Verdict is meant for adjustability and versatility and I find that it is labeled 1/4 to 1 ounce baits but i am comfortable 1/4 to 2 ounces with it. It also has the sensitivity and backbone to match the huge range. This rod is 36 ton graphite which is stronger and more sensitive than the other rods. This rod is stronger, more sensitive, more versital, and has a better tip than any other abu rod. The Veritas is more focused on weight and compression strength, that is the kind that means it doesn't get dented, that doesn't mean it's more powerful, actually it is 30 ton not 36 ton so it is less powerful. The other reviews were totally wrong.

From: Manny

Comments: It is the same as the vendetta but it has a twist handle so i would go with the vendetta.

From: Mark: Dana Point, CA

Comments: Love this rod, but a tad expensive for what you get. It is no better than the Veritas. your basically paying 30 dollars more for the twist in handle. Go with a veritas you will not regret it.

From: Wall: Knoxville, TN

Comments: Love this rod. Lightweight and sensitive. Good backbone and good tip. Looks good paired with a curado too!
From: Caleb

Comments: The extended handle is a great idea! Down fall is if you buy longer then a 7 foot rod it seems a bit on the short side. Also caution of the over tight when screwing in place, mine on the second trip out on the lake the handle came off. Got home look at it and pull the super glue out and seems to be back in place.

From: Mikey: Modesto, CA

Comments: Just got this rod and so far am very impressed. the handle thing is nice but really unecessary on the 7 ft i bought, i'll just leave it fully extended all the time, push it in any and its too short/akward. besides that excellent feel and cast like a dream. I'm a shimano/g.loomis guy and it is lighter and just as sensitive as my cumaras that cost twice as much. for the price its hard to beat. i contemplated this purchase alot and wish i had gotten it sooner. pair it with a ultralight casting reel such as a premier or core and you will have a rig you can cast all day and night.

From: Bwar2: Kentucky, USA

Comments: The rod has good sensitivity, is light, and I love the new handle but its a lil hard to use. The most annoying thing about the rod is the reel screw down is hard to get the reel off when tightened down I mean very hard!!

From: Dimonsterb: Pittsburgh, PA

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