Abu Garcia Veritas 2.0 Micro Guide Casting Rods

Featuring advanced micro guides for improved casting and reduced weight, the new Abu Garcia Veritas 2.0 Micro Guide Casting Rods deliver the same performance and feel that made the original Veritas series so popular with anglers - now with some key improvements. New Spiral Carbon Core blank technology has also increased their break strength on an average of 22% and tip strength by 30% with no increase in rod weight.

Offering incredible sensitivity as well, Titanium frame guides with Zirconia inserts help increase casting distance and accuracy, and are extremely durable. New ratcheted reel seats form a solid lightweight base for your reel with a high end look and feel, and high density EVA split grip handles balance out each rod perfectly. Designed for anglers that prefer micro guides, the Abu Garcia Veritas 2.0 Casting Rods are back and better than ever.

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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  • Featuring premium 40-ton graphite blanks with Abu Garcia's V-Wrap construction, the new Abu Garcia Villain 2.0 Casting Rods deliver ultimate sensitivity and first-rate components.

  • Specifically engineered for heavy duty use, the Abu Garcia Veritas Toro Casting Rods are perfect for targeting trophy bass  inshore species and even pike and muskie.

  • Offering advanced micro guide technology for improved casting and reduced weight, the new Abu Garcia Veritas 2.0 Micro Guide Casting Rods also feature new Spiral Carbon Core blank technology.

  • Featuring new Spiral Carbon Core blank technology, the new Abu Garcia Veritas 2.0 Casting Rods deliver the performance that made the original series so popular - now with some key enhancements.

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    Precision engineered for a balanced feel and additional durability, the next generation Abu Garcia Vendetta Casting Rods feature super sensitive 30-ton graphite blanks that also utilize Abu's Intra-Carbon technology for increased strength and power.

  • Featuring sensitive 30-ton graphite blanks, Abu Garcia's Nano Technology, and hefty actions, the Abu Garcia Volatile Casting Rods are designed to meet the demands of targeting trophy bass and other large, hard fighting game fish.

Customer Reviews

Comments: Recently I had this rod lose an eye lit for no reason I take very good care of my rods then I had the rod snap. I still won't bash this rod because it was a very good rod I really liked the bottom part of the handle the square like design felt good to cast. I have never been an Abu Garcia fan after dealing with lews amazing customer service but I have to admit that after this rod experience I contacted Abu Garcia and they sent me a new rod free of charge (besides shipping fee). I experienced great customer service from Abu Garcia and I would definitely recommend this rod to anyone.

From: Charlie: USA 8/15/16

Comments: I have a 7ft medium heavy rod and its a pretty good rod for the price. The rod is more like a heavy so I'll use it for heavier baits. The rod is very light and sensitive but I prefer my carbonlite rod.

From: Nathan: Plano, TX 7/24/16

Comments: I have had four of these rods & the second guide on all of them have broke & the ceramic inserts have come out. I like the rods they are sensitive & light weight but I would not recommend anyone buy these rods. I have Duckett rods and falcon with micro guides that do not have this problem.

From: Seth: Bryant, AL 6/22/16

Comments: Got this rod and loved it! You can feel the bottom throughly and the Micro guides are really small so you can make an accurate cast or pitch. The down side of the micro guides if you're going to tie a leader on your main line you need to tie a really small knot I recommend an Alberto knot. But other than that this rod is good for almost everything, I got a 7' MH fast rod & it's pretty much my all purpose rod. I do recommend this rod!

From: Ivan: OR 3/19/16

Comments: Got the rod in the mail and the first guide was bent into the rod, make me wounder if there is any QAQC going on at TW, needed it for a tournament i was going to this weekend but now i got to return it, so I'll be going to the pro shop to get a rod it seems.

From: Troy: Tallahassee, FL 8/20/15

Comments: I own the 7'3" MH and I must say it is by far my favorite rod. I like this rod best for soft plastics and jigs, but it also works surprisingly well for top water baits and jerkbaits. The guides are very durable and the locking reel seat mechanism is awesome.

From: Nick: Fayetterville, TN 7/18/15

Comments: I have to say I got. a little bit disappointed with the colors of the one I received, they were not really the same as on the pictures. But putting that fact away they still work. I used to get hungn up all the time but not with these.

From: Maxwell: Lowell, MI 7/13/15

Comments: I got the 7'3 MH as a replacement for a broken Carbonlite. I have thrown 1/2 jigs and 3/8 1/2 5/8 T-rigs on it just testing it out. Its very sensitive it blows my Ghosts and carbonlite away. I will say it will push the 13 Omen! The action is still a tad stiff Abu did better with the 2.0 in this department. The flat butt is comfy and the ratcheting reel seat is nice. The micros are stout and I dont think will be any problem!

From: Daniel: Knoxville, TN 12/22/14

Comments: The ABU Garcia Micro Guide rod is an exceptional Value. I love these rods! The 7" Medium Heavy makes the perfect Senko Rod and light Jig rod for Spotted Bass. Light,balanced and strong you just cant beat this Rod at this price point.

From: Ron: Grove State, CA 12/2/14

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