Abu Garcia Veritas Casting Rods - $79.99

Abu Garcia Veritas Casting Rods
MSRP: $79.99

Abu Garcia designed the Veritas Series Casting Rods (Veritas means “truth” in Latin) to provide anglers with truly lightweight quality rods - without any of the hype or high price tags. Featuring extremely lightweight designs with a focus on balance and compression strength, the Veritas Series Rod blanks were constructed from super-sensitive 30-ton graphite integrated with Abu Garcia’ new Nano Technology.  Nano Technology manipulates graphite on an atomic level for greatly reduced weight and 20% increased compression strength over standard graphite. 

The premium Titanium-alloy Guides with SiC Inserts, designed by a new company Evolve, are engineered to Abu Garcia’s exacting standards.  Offering excellent durability, they also sit closer to the rod blank for fewer line management issues.  A proprietary Reel Seat provides increased contact with the blank for greater sensitivity transfer, and a Split Grip handle design with super dense EVA grips also helps reduce weight and expertly balance out each rod right at your hands.  Delivering unparalleled performance at a price that is hard to beat, the Abu Garcia Veritas Casting Rods are the same rods Bassmaster Elite Series standout, Mike Iaconelli, uses to compete at the highest levels of competitive bass fishing. 

-Backed by 3-year limited warranty 

Please Note: There may be some discrepancies with Line & Lure Weights on certain models.  We apologize for any inconvenience. The manufacturer is working to rectify the situation.

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Comments: I bought this rod 1 year ago and it still is holding very well.I got the 7ft medium heavy. Definitely will purchase another in the near future I just ordered my 7ft medium veritas 2.0 cant wait for it to come in! definitely buy this rod out does any other rods in my eyes!

From: Cody: Ocala, FL 12/4/14

Comments: Picked up this rod a few weeks ago because it was on sale for 60$ at a local sporting goods store and all I have to say is that is it way better than what I paid for. I will be getting a Lew's Speed Spool to put on it and it should be a fantastic combo.

From: Austin: Wilson, NC 11/23/14

Comments: i got this rod a year and a half ago it works great ive put it through a beating. I've hit this rod to trees sings other rods scratched it on the ground and it still works great.if you are thinking about buying it BUY IT

From: Nino: Painesville, OH 7/15/14

Comments: I have the 7' 3" and the 7' 6" medium heavy and I love them, I use the 7' 6" for flipping and it has plenty of power to pull big bass out of heavy cover also I really like the 7' 3" for swim jigs chatterbaits and spinnerbaits, the 7' 3" is a very versital rod and you can use it for just about anything but I like it the most for those three baits

From: Kyle: WI 4/6/14

Comments: I used this rod for about 15 minutes then I had to return it.  The reel kept moving around on the reel seat.  I tried a second reel and got the same result.  It's difficult to tighten a reel to the reel seat on this rod.  Before you buy this rod, I suggest that you put a reel on it and try to wiggle the reel to make sure it's secure.

From: Earl: Pittsburgh, PA 3/28/14

Comments: These rods are awesome.  I have the 6'9" MH, 7' M, and the 7'3" MH.  I have been using them for a few years and they have held up really well.  Good sensitivity and good back bone too.  7'3" is a little tip heavy but still works well for me.

From: Michael: GA 3/13/14

Comments: This is an amazing rod. I have a 7' MH rod paired with a Quantum Smoke reel and I am very impressed. Great sensitivity and very lightweight. I use it for shallow and deep cranking and my arm doesn't get tired after a long day on the water.

From: Luke: Minnesota 2/27/14

Comments: These rods are a good buy for the money. The actions are heavier than other brands im used to.

From: Lee: White House,TN ,US

Comments: I have seven of these rods and i have to say i love them all. they are sensitive and light and the best rods for the price. My favorite is probably the 7'3"MH cause it is very versatile.

From: Cody: Kingston, TN

Comments: For the money you just cant beat the Veritas. I got the 7' MH and I love it for jigs and t rigs. I put a blackmax reel on it and it is not  a bad reel. But if you have the extra money, But a revo. They are way better

From: Devon: Cincinatti, OH

Comments: I personal have 3 of these rods two of which are winch cranking rods in 7' and 7-1/2' and finally a 7-1/2' med hvy I use for flipping or heavier baits. I have had no issues with any of these rods. I have caught everything from 10lb stripers, 4lb smallies, to snagging 30" gar with no issues. They are great rods in my eyes. I just believe with any mass produced product there are going to be some that aren't to par. Same as with cars sometimes you get lemons. I also do thoroughly inspect and somewhat test the rods before I purchase them.

From: Doug: Shorewood, il

Comments: I have the 7' 3" in med hev and the 7' 6" winch in med hev.  I have started using the winch for flipping and I love it.  The rod loads up nicely on the fish and slingshots the poor guy out of cover like a rocket.  This rod can hold its own durability has not been an issue to me.  I have had the top eye insert fall out of the 7' 3" but that was my fault because I am always stabbing my rod tip into cover to get my lure loose.  the replacement was like 2.00 so no biggie.

From: waderade812: evansville IN

Comments: I got a MH 6'6" rod & put a REVO SX 65 lb braid & was going to use it for throwing toads and frogs. Because of limited use I changed & started throwing lipless crankbaits from 1/2 to 5/8 ounce into the next zip code with 4600 C4 reel. I've since made thousands of casts. Either way, the rod is noticeably lighter and more comfortable than anything I've ever used. My old style cork handled BPS IM-6 & IM-8 graphite rods are about to be replaced.

From: Steve: Lady Lake, FL

Comments: the veritas rods are outstanding rod for the price. I recently bought the 7' winch cranking rod and paired it with the gen3 revo stx, it super light and balaces well. I mainly throw square bills and medium diving cranks on this. If your lookin for a great cranking rod or rod in general, the veritas is the rod to go with. I'll definetly be replacing all my other rods with these

From: Jeff: charleston, wv

Comments: Have had 5 for about a year now. As of right now 2 have completely broken on me and the other 3 have 1 or more eyes broken off. The rods were great at first, but I see you get what you pay for

From: Cody: WI

Comments: I own two of these in Medium/Hvy, great rods, very sensitive, good backbone, very light weight. Have been fishing them for a year and a half, my only complaint is the guides, the insets fall out, they bend extremely easy and one has completely broke off! As a tournament fisherman your gear gets a lot of use and I take very good care of my stuff. They need to improve on the guide durability before I buy any more.

From: Mike: DE, USA

Comments: The overall rod is good ive whiped many fish in the boat with mine but i will say the eyes suck

From: johnreese: MT.vernon ky

Comments: Veritas Winch rods are really good. Perfect action for deep cranking and light in the hands. Was also surprised with the sensitivity of the rod. Will be purchasing at least two more.

From: Joe: Crestview, FL

Comments: I'm a fan of all of these rods but the 7'3" MH is one sick rod, and the 7'6" MH Winch Series cranking stick is an awesome deep crank rod!

From: Daniel: Phoenix, AZ

Comments: All i can say is it is a great rod at a great price only had it for about a month now and it has performed to my standards pair it up with a lews speed spool and your golden! I have the 7'0 mh and it is a great all around rod i can flip and frog on this if i really wanted to. It is so light so sensitive and loaded with backbone! Hopefully it doesn't break!

From: Bailey: CT

Comments: I have got the 6'9 medium heavy for worms and jigs but it really isn't a extra fast more like a moderate fast. The guides are not durable at ALL, the inserts fell out of two guides of mine after normal use and they bend easily. Decent sensitivity but if I was buying another rod at this price point it would not be this one.

From: Sam: USA

Comments: I own the 7' rod in this serious and I fell in love using it I won the rod in a tournament and almost sold it the day I got it but decided not to If I currently had the money I change all my rods to these the sensitivity was great as an avid tournament fisher my rods and tackle go through a beating and these have with held the test!

From: TN

Comments: I have the 7 foot medium heavy, regular guide model rod. This rod has a very stiff backbone witch, i really wasn't looking for out of this rod. I matched it up with a quantum smoke which is a pretty light reel and it is very tip heavy. The balance point is almost in the middle of the rod witch really makes the rod off balance. Overall i wouldn't suggest buying it.

From: VA

Comments: I am pretty impressed with these rods in the price class they are in. In comparison to a mojo, skeet, or the $100 shimano i would definitely prefer these. I have the 7'M, 7'mh, 7'6 cranking, and the 7'll flip stick. I could right a review on all of them but since i was personally looking for a review on the 7'll and couldnt find one before I purchased mine I'll post this. For a 7'll H action  flip stick this rod has a pretty responsive tip. A lot of times rod companies will create a flip stick with way too stiff of a tip and they just don't seem to load up properly on small to average size bites. Also with the softer parabolics of the rod its easier to stay hooked up with the fish and feel how the fish is trying to work all the way back to the boat. You can nag over the weight of the rod, but it's a 7'11 H and that would be stupid. Overall it's a pretty decent rod and if you are interested in a rod primerly for flipping check it out.

From: Josh: IL

Comments: these rods have definitely been battle tested. mine has electrical tape around the handle because the dogs chewed on it. it is a great rod. I have the 7'6" med heavy. it is a little tip heavy with my lews speed spool but the light weight and sensitivity makes up for it. the power of it is amazing. pulled a 3 pound bass covered in about 5 pounds of vegetation right out from a tree and the rod didn't even scream from the graphite splintering.

From: Reid: NC

Comments: I Have had the the 7'6" Med Heavy Mod paired with a BPS Carbonlite 6:4:1 10 lb Vicious flourocarbon for 2 seasons now, I use it for tossing 2.5 & 3.5 Square bills and Lipless cranks. Love the distance action & sensitivity I get with this set up. It has handled many large mouths over 5 lb's & many many smallies over 3lb's with ease. Strung With 10 lb test I'm not swinging anything but nippers anyway, but this rod has been the perfect set up for the technique I've described above. Will soon be buying a 6'6' Med for Jerkbaits.

From: Bob: Taunton, MA

Comments: I have the 6'9 medium heavy for worms and jigs and it is very sensetive and the tip is perfect for wormin. One of the inserts of my guides popped out when I was swinging a fish but it was a quick fix. 4/5 overall

Comments: I have 5 of these rods in different sizes. They are going on their 4rth season of heavy fishing and I have had no issues with any of them. Like any factory production rod, it is best to check, test and inspect any rod you plan to purchase right there in the store or, when it arrives to your door prior to fishing it.

From: Johnny: TX

Comments: The Veritas series is absolutely tremendous.  I currently have 2 casting (7' MH and 7'11" H), and 2 spinning (7' MH and 6'6" M).  Each rod is extremely sensitive and has mere limitless backbone.  I'm a major fan of the reel seats.  The aluminum accents along with the high density EVA foam split grips give a sense of a premium product (For just $100!).  The exposed blank on the reel seat provides sensitivity at your fingertips. Only complaint occurs with the 7'11" casting/flipping rod.  I currently have the rod paired with a 2012 Quantum Kinetic PT (7.5oz.).  The rod is very tip-heavy. All of my other rods seem perfectly balanced. (Abu Garcia Orra 8.7oz, Pflueger Supreme & Quantum Smoke Spinning Reels each 7.5oz)

From: Connor: IN

Comments: I bought one and im not buying anymore i leaned back on the rod the get untangled from some weeds i put very little pressure and the top of the rod snapped like a twig and the return for the rod took a week and a half veritas means truth you want the "truth" don't get this rod

Comments: Have had a few veritas casting rods since they first came out. Really liked it at first. These rods are light and very sensitive. Although I wouldn't recomend buying them unless they are on sale. The guides are always breaking or popping out and I have had them snap while swinging fish. I would recommend paying more for a villian.

From: NC

Comments: I got the 7ft medium one 2 months ago and I loved it then my dad got mad because it took up too much room and he threw it in his truck it didn't completely break when he threw it. I think when he threw it it just started to crack and I went to cast it and it just completely snapped. very good rod I'm getting a new one but it will be 7ft medium heavy with micro guides because I do a lot of jiging and top water. it's probobly the best rod for the money I just think its the best overall.

From: Jayson: NH

Comments: it is a good rod, very sensitive, not to heavy, and balenced I have cought tons of bass on it. This would be the perfect rod, except other guides are very weak and so is the tip. I had to pay $20 to fix the guides and tip. I do not like to pay $120 for a $100 rod. Other than that awesome rod. But wouldn't buy again because of the guides.

Comments: I have a 7' MH casting rod and a 7' M spinning rod. I really think these rods perform well and are comfortable to fish with. They are light, sensitive, and fit most reels very well. Despite this, they seem to have some durability issues. I had a 7' 3" MH for about one season, but it broke after catching a 6 lb bass (I landed the bass, so it was bitter sweet). I fish some college level tournaments and it makes me worry a little.

From: Daniel: Hoffman Estates, IL

Comments: I own two of these rods; the 6-1/2' M and the 7-1/2' MH. I do not use the 6-1/2 too often but the 7-1/2' MH is the work-horse on my boat. I bought this rod for flipping and pitching and it is extremely light weight. I have it matched up with a BPS CarbonLight Reel and it weighs much less than any other combo I have. I too was skeptical about buying this rod becasue of all of the negative reviews, but the 6-1/2' has lasted me for two seasons now without any issues so I thought I would gamble on the 7-1/2' MH. I am so glad I did. I have caught well over 200 bass on it so far this year. And most of the bass came out of heavy cover; whether it be grass or pads or laydowns and I have had no issues. I even started using this rod for fishing the Strike King Rage Shads; it works perfect for those as well. I am using this with 30lb Power Pro Braid and it has no issues handling the braided line. So I personally am very impressed with these rods and their quality. Also; if your looking for something a little cheaper the Vengeance rods are one heck of a deal for $59.99. I have two of those as well.  They are not quite as light or sensitive as the Veritas; but for $60 the quality is A++ 

From: Gary: PA

Comments: I must say I love this ROD!  I have even traded in more expensive Daiwa rods for the Veritas.  For the money you cant beat them.  I have two more on the way right now, that I just ordered.  All these guys can say they snap, but I have read tons of comments on all the rods on this site with the same thing being said.  Its usually the person using the rod, that causes the high level of stress.  I hope this helped.  I pair mine up with Lews Tournament speed spools, for light weight and low stress; for a great all day fishing combo! Also I let my tournament partner use mine in Guntersville AL, for a FLW tournament we fished. And he now is replacing all of his Falcons and Daiwa's for this rod as well. Good luck and tight lines. Gardner-Webb University Fishing Club

From: Kyle: NC

Comments:  I Bought a veritas rod last year, it was a decent pole besides being to heavy until it snapped in half while reeling in a 12inch bass. I wish I would have read more reviews on this rod before buying it there are countless issues with these rods breaking. THEY ARE CRAP DON'T BUY THEM!

From: Shawn: IA

Comments: I have the 7'3 MH and am quickly finding myself reaching for it more and more. I was a bit skeptical when I first got it but have no more doubts. Pair it with a STX and it balances out awesome. Most likely will get another.

From: David: Raymore, MO

Comments: I'm not trying to scare anyone off from these rods. They are incredible rods for the money. Very lightweight and comfortable to fish with all day. However I have purchased 8 of these rods in the last year and have snapped 2 of them in multiple pieces. Just something to think about. They come with a year warranty and swapping them out was very easy. Hope this helps you all.

From: Jacob: Houma, LA

Comments: I just got this rod in 7'6" mh for flipping/pitching and frogging and all I gotta say is go get this rod, especially if you're a little tight on money and you don't wanna pay to much money for a rod. It's very light, sensitive and it has plenty of back bone. Just last night I horsed a 29 inch pike in heavy weeds with no problem at all. Also don't listen to the guys that say this rod has all kinds of durability issues because any rod will break if it isn't treated well. Even if you're a little rough on your gear, like myself, the rod will hold up. So once again it's a great rod and for $100 it's an absolute steal!

From: Chandler: Ogdensburg, NY

Comments: I'm very happy with my Veritas. You just cant find a better all around rod at any price. As far as durability goes, any rod will break when heavy things are dropped on them and as long as you don't set the hook on stumps or rocks this rod won't snap.

From: Johnny: Adams, WI

Comments:  I have the 7' MH, fast taper rod. I use it for some frogging but mostly for texas rigging/jigging in light/moderate cover. I find myself picking up this rod more than my powell endurance rod (6'7" Heavy, Xfast). The endurance has a much better tip for finesse work, but the veritas is more sensitive and can haul fish out of heavy cover with ease. Abu slacked on the finish and epoxy work on these rods to cut cost, but you are giving this up for the amazing blank. I've heard first hand stories of these breaking, so I don't doubt that they do snap on occasion. However, the sensitivity and weight of these rods is amazing for the price point. For the weekend fisherman looking for a very sensitive rod with a lot of backbone, this rod is great. If it breaks I'll replace it with another veritas.

From: Fred: Baton Rouge, LA

Comments: I own this rod in 7' MH and am not too impressed with it.  The rod does not seem as though it is balanced very well, and seems a bit tip heavy.  Sensitivity is decent and the rod has a good backbone for hooksets, but the weight issue alone only allows me to use this rod for short periods of time.

From: Matt: Florence, KY

Comments: I'm a tackle JUNKY...I used to scoff @ 100$-120$ price point rods and have had all the higher end rods: Kistler Helium LTAs, LTX, Argons, MAGS, Shimano Cumaras, Powell, Daiwa zillion, and others--- And until I tried my brother in laws' Veritas, I woulda never given them a chance. The balance, sensitivity is AMAZING. Im not even gonna say "amazing for the price"...just amazing. If I fished this without knowing, Iwould've thought it was a 200$ price point rod easily. I bought my first 7 MH micro and it's so versatile. Then I got the 7 M spinning rod. Both great. As far as breakage issues, i hope I have no problems as I plan to buy more. But I've been made fun of for my BIG hooksets and I have had 0 problems. Try one.

From: Tanner: Harwich, MA

Comments: I own the 6'6 M-F, 7' M-MF, 7' M-M, 7'H-XF, 7'6 MH-F and a 6'9 MH-F Micro.  I only use these rods and for the money on the market, Ive used almost everything out there, from Skeet Reese to Dobyns Chamipion Extreme and for the money, these are the best. Will they break? OF course, but not easily. The guides aren't the best in the world but if you treat the rod right and don't throw it around when you get mad like IKE and don't step on it like an idiot. Treat these rods right and you will catch more fish. Pair with a REVO and you have a combo for life!

From: Samuel: Valdosta, GA

Comments: guides on these are pretty crappy. Two of the rings inside the guides fell out and the one on the tip which freys my line. Another guide broke off.

From: Justin: Meridian, MS

Comments: I have own 2 of the Veritas rodas and both have snapped while setting the hook on a bass.My bait caster rod lasted alittle over 2 years and my spinning rod i bought the first of feburary lasted alittle over 2 months.I have a $40 quantum thats way more durable than these things...

From: Michael: Jonesborough, TN

Comments: Excellent rod! had mine for two days and i've caught around 20 2-3lb bass on it. no problems, VERY sensitive. i purchased the 7' med/hvy. No problems with durability yet. I usually baby my equipment so durability shouldnt be a huge problem

From: Brian: CA

Comments: I bought this rod and used it two times. I had it laying in the back of my SUV and a air tank pushed against it and broke off the top 10 inches. I own a lot of rods but I have never had one break so easy. I don't get it. It shouldn't have.

From: Larry: St. Louis, MO

Comments: I am a St Croix Rods guy. Never even looked at any other brand. I have always used Abu reels on my St Croix rods. In the market for a Pitching rod. Compared the 7 11'' Mojo Bass to the Veritas. The Veritas was alot lighter. Bought it but was scared of the durability. After alot of trips on the water, I have no complaints. Very happy with the purchase. Don't really see me switching to the Veritas series but really happy to have the one in my arsonal.

From: Josh: Northern KY

Comments: in respnose to reel seat scratches. I work with these rods everyday and to be honest its gonna happen to ur revos. Only solution is try as smaller real seat reel or rub a little grease on the foot of the reel. Other than that its gonna happen.

From: Stephen: AL

Comments: I left my 7' medium stranding straight up in a rod holder and went under a bridge. The rod hit off of four I beams and did'nt even have a scratch on it! i coulndt be happier with the veritas series.

From: Matt: Raleigh: NC

Comments: Anyone else owning a Veritas having trouble with their rod seat scraping the top part of their baitcaster when screwing in the screw to hold your reel in place?

Comments: Skeet Reese rods are junk i was in cabelas and barely bent it and it snapped like a twig definately go with the veritas.

Comments: This rod series is awesome.  It's lightweight, sensitive, durable, and looks good.  I have a 7'6" paired with a Revo STX and the combo couldn't feel any better.  Will they break.....well, ya.  They will.  Are the designed for fetching crankbaits from trees.....nope.  For the money, this rod is a top performer but it does require some angler skill.  If you are a beginning angler who hasn't learned any fishing technique....buy an Ugly Stik.  If you want a tournament quality rod with great feel, looks, and durability at a great price point....buy a Veritas.

From: Rod: Iowa

Comments: I bought this rod maybe a couple of months ago in a 7' med-hvy i have it paired with a shimano citica and it works great! pulling in 4 lb fish with ease. This rod is great! Taking it out to see if it will be able to handle the monster bass in lake Okeechobee. Great rod, strongly recommend you buy one, you wont be disappointed.

From: Junior

Comments: I had this rod for close to two years and it was all good until today.  I have a 7' medium and was throwing a KVD 1.5.  Casted towards a point and a gust of wind took the lure and it got caught on a little tree branch.  I give my rod a light jerk to get the bait free and the rod snaps at the third guide down.  Really disappointed to say the least.  It WAS a nice rod until it broke for no reason.  I took care of it and yet still here I am with a broken rod. I would reccomend getting Wright and McGill Honeycomb Skeet Reese series rods.  They are where it is at for this price range.

From: Mike: Columbus, KS

Comments: I am a huge fan of these rods! I now own 19 of them and will be placing an order for 2 of the new 7'6 crankbait rods. The new 7'0 cranking rod ish use bought is insanely light!! The parabolic bend is perfect! If you want a great rod, give this series a shot! I was a huge Team Daiwa-S fan (green series) for many years and these are even nicer! Great rods for an awesome price! TWH 4 LIFE!

From: Justin: Glastonbury, CT

Comments: I have the 7'6" Veritas Winch.  The rod could be a little more sensitive to me.  Ive got it matched with an E5 and have tried mono and fluoro.  Neither really increased sensitivity.  Overall though its a good rod and very strong.  Its light and I can throw DD22's with it all day.  I actually landed a 19 blue cat on this rod and while it was tough the rod did very well and I wasnt scared of breaking the rod at all.  Just bought a 7" heavy veritas for jigs today and look forward to using it.

From: Marcus: Austin, TX

Comments: Have a 7ft H. paired with a shimano citica. All i can say is IT IS A BASS HAULING MACHINE. Built well and tough. and to all of you idiots that complain about breaking guides. smarten up and stop stepping on them... not abu's fault for your stupiditiy.

From: Collin: Chemsford, MA

Comments: These Abu Garcia rods are one great buy for being only 100 dollars.  I own mostly carrot stix which are more expensive and have almost switched over to these great rods.  They can handle anything you throw at them.  I have 5 now plan on getting the winch series or micro guides and about the only thing I can see that is a little bad is the guides could be better but for a 100 dollars i can buy two of these for one G Loomis and yes I am Dissing Loomis.  These rods have it all, power, sensitivity,there  lightweight, the price is great and they look sweet.  You wont be disappointed so pick one up.

From: Chase: Shipshewana, IN

Comments:  I own the 6'6" M-F, 6'9" MH-F Micro, 7' M-MF, 7' M-M, 7' H, and 7'6" MH-F. These are the only rods I use, the guides could be better but over-all I definitely recommend!!

Comments: love these rods have five on them only broke on and that was because i slammed it on the boat will buy more

From: Gareth: Greenwood, SC

Comments: Broke 2 of these things easily and my buddy broke his guide in the 1st 2 weeks of having it as well as a vendetta these rods suck!

Comments: I bought this rod at the beggining of this year to fish toads on, caught 5 bass over 9 lbs this summer on it, no problem at all. Bunch of guys stepping on their rods on the boat deck and blaming it on Abu. Buy one, they are great.

From: Jake: Topsfield, MA

Comments: I worked at Bass Pro Shops for a bit after college while on the career hunt. I've seen it all break. Quantum Tour rods, Quantum KVD Tour, Carrot Stix (breaking is an understatement for those!), Shimano Cumara, St. Croix Mojo Bass, Falcon, G Loomis, you name it. I've even seen $500+ reels come back with cracked frames. This is just the way of the fishing industry, fellas. All this stuff is mass produced in East Asia (well, mostly), but I have even seen some high end Japanese rods and reels come back broken. Sometimes it's a defect, other times it's the user. The most durable rods that I have come across are B&R Outlaw Rods and St. Croix Legend Tourneys. I have three of the Abu Garcia Veritas and I love 'em, despite some bad reviews. If someone says that there is a better rod out there for $100, they're wrong. Some are on par, but I'd argue with anyone that says there is definitively better. The Veritas are light, strong, and sensative at a great price. If you need a rod that is stronger, lighter, and more sensative, go spend $300-$400 on one. In a time when you can no longer get anything worthwhile from Shimano, Daiwa, or Quantum for under $200, this Abu Garcia rod is a steal!

From: Jim: Kentucky

Comments: Worst rod broke on me twice and once on a 2lb fish

From: Jon: USA

Comments: I love my veritas, it's super sensitive.

Comments: Purchased the 7'MH for my TD Advantage. Very satisfied with it. Great looks, great price, freat feel and a LOT of strength. Stands up with pike or muskie that want a bass snack.

From: Andrew: Algonac, MI

Comments: the guides blow they break so dam easy waste of money

From: Kyle: Itasca

Comments: I cant stand this rod.  It was the best rod I thought ever had for the first month or so and now I hate it!  I have a vendetta and it is much more comfortable to use and has better guides.  The 3rd guide on my veritas broke off and the epoxy underneath the others seem very weak and look like they are going to snap off any second from now.  I have the 7'3 MH and it is not good for anything, not very sensitive and too uncomfortable for me to even use.  GET A CARBONLITE!!! It is a much better rod and this rod is junk, i hope it snaps.

From: Bill

Comments: like them at first they were really nice but the guides are strong at all ill say right now i will not be purchasing another im gona stay will st.croix and dobyns and carrot stix from now on!!

From: Kyle: USA

Comments: Bad Review!! I have this rod, in the 7' 3" MH, it is way too bulky.  not really practical for jigging or anything really for that matter. The tip has no feeling, its like a saltwater setup. the vendetta is cheaper and lighter, go for that one. FISH ON!

From: Justin: North Jersey

Comments: I was pretty happy with my Veritas rods and ended up with 8 of them.  I did end up with one cracked insert and hated the reel seat nut but otherwise the sensitivity and weight was excellent for a $100 rod.  I've replaced mine with Powell Max rods and although they're a bit heavier the workmanship is way better than the Veritas.  Definitely one of the better $100 rods I've seen.

From: Mike: Jackson, MO

Comments: I have 2 of these and another is being sent to me as we speak. They're great rods for sure. I like the vendetta's better for crainkbaits but these are what i use for dock fishing and jigs. My 7' 6" serves double duty as a flipping rod and football jig rod. 

Comments: I own 3 of these rods, 6'6 M-F, 7' M-MF, and a 7' H-XF. They are amazing rods for the price, my friend is a denali fan an my Veritas's blow his rods out of the water in almost every aspect. I wish Abu would not make these rods so stiff an come out with more "Pro-based" models.... 8/10

From: Sam: Valdosta, GA

Comments: I love these rods to death. Makes my carpal tunnel alot easier to manage because it feels like a feather in hand. But after going through 4 rods in one season.... they seem to want to break about 8-10inches from the tip. Not very happy. Seems like the Vendetta Rods are built tough.

From: Cvang: MPLS, MN

Comments: All I have to say is, if they're good enough for Mike Iaconelli, they're good enough for me. You guys that say they're breaking must not know how to use a fishing rod. Ike is rough with his equipment and his rod locker is stuffed with them. You'd think if they broke he'd resort to another Abu Garcia rod. My point is, they're not a ceiling poker or a ceiling fan stopper, treat them right and they won't break on you. I have 8 of them. I use them all for every application, and I've used every model. Awesome products. I highly recommend you give em' a shot.

From: Alan: TN

Comments: I own 11 of these rods from the mediums the the medium hvys.have only broke one of them.otherwise ive sold all my st. roix rods to buy these.Will always love croix but for the price of one of my legend extremes i can almost buy 4 Veritas rods.excelent rod for the money,just check the guides and reel seat before purchase if possible.i buy all these rods from cabelas so i can pick out the good ones:)

From: Brandon: IL

Comments: I got the 7'6" for a pitching stick. Absolutely love the rod! Alot of back bone and a nice tip. only problem is the foam handle is chip and is tearing off after only having it for about a month.

From: Albany, AL

Comments: before you buy this cool looking, light rod,...be sure to set a reel in the reel seat and see if the front of the reel mount sits properly where the screw down hood attaches.  I've seen MORE THAN ONE where the screw down section is glued too far up the rod and the reel does not sit properly, which could definately cause problems.  Nice try Abu....Inconsistent China made BULK....if you ask me.  I would recommend a St. Croix Rage or the shimano crucial.  Spend a few more bucks!!

From: John: St. Louis, MO

Comments: Dont know why theres so many comments for rods breaking, mine is great, strong and quality. If ur rod is breaking ur doing something wrong cause i have set the hook hard on plenty of fish and it does it great. Great rod for price and every person who says this rod sucks is dum as a rock.

From: Garrett: VA

Comments: I absolutluy love this rod, it is sensetive, strong, and light. I have the 7'6" MH matched to a shimano curado 200E7. I just returned from a 1.5 day trip on the "Grande" out of point loma sportfishing and brought this rig to fish bass at the dock before the boat left. Right away I caught a just under legal halibut and horsed it in on 12#. once we got out on the water the bluefin were picky I flylined a live 'dine with 30# spectra to a short 15# topshot, and got bit. 20 minutes, 4 times around the boat, and a ton of bob-and-weave later a 25# bluefin hits the deck....I wasn't worried for even a second that the rod was going to break. I pull hard on fish and this stick gets the job done, I checked the guides to make sure there was no cuts into the guides from the spectra and it looked brand new....This is an excellent rod which  will b buying more of in the near future. I would recomend it to anyone. 10 out of 10.

From: Ezekiel: San Diego, CA

Comments: Amazing rod, really sensitive for the price, extremely light and built with some great actions. If you're wondering weather you shall buy it or not, buy it, I'm telling you it's really worth it, I already have 3 of those and man... for a rod under 100$ it's simply amazing

From: Alexis: Laval, Canada

Comments: I got a 7' Medium and a 7'3 MH.  The medium broke about 8 inches from the tip which was really strange because the 7'3 has so much backbone!!!  I cannot break the MH,  It must be something with the medium power but the MH rocks!!!!

From: Trevor

Comments: I bot the 7.3ft Med/Hvy 1pc i love the rod but its alittle on the soft side

From: Sonny: East Wareham, MA

Comments: love this rod. broke one in 7 mh banged it off stering wheel on boat. started with shimano 200e7 then hung revo winch on it perfect match caught several 4-5 pounders on frog in some thick stuff to  love it

From: Robert: Oak Grove, LA

Comments: I LOVE the rod, I have a 6'6" MH paired up with the Lew's speed spool caster. So far it is awesome, haven't been fishing with it yet been too busy to fish with it but just by tying a swivel to the line i can feel the small weight of the small swivel hitting the end of the line.

From: Josh: WI

Comments: Alright there are a lot of reviews on this rod so which one to choose, who is right or wrong?  Well I bought two of these rods the 7'3 mh and 7'mh.  For the size and strength they are nice and light, but the guides are cheap and bulky.  The 7'3 broke when I set the hook on a fish while using it as a frog rod in a tourney.  I have never broke a rod on fish before!  So I now have the 7' h and 7' mh.  I have 9 lamiglas excel rods, 2 Fenwich techna A/V, 1 denali jadewood, 1 abu garcia vendetta, 1 tessera honeycomb, 1 cabelas magtouch, and 2 castaways.  So I have tried many before actually buying more and you can see which ones I like.  Nothing IMO can beat the lamiglas excel rods for the price.  And if you search online you can find them for under $100 even the micro guides.  All I am saying is there are better rods with better guides and a lifetime warranty, out there for cheaper so I will not be buying these anymore.  The technas and the denali rods are also very nice rods.

From: Andy: Farmington, MN

Comments: i like the rod for $100 and have 2 of them but would much rather prefer the falcon bucoo at the same price or $30 more for the falcon bucoo micro guide rod.

From: James: Ft. Polk, LA

Comments: AWESOME rods!  Really light and sensative.  I got the 7'3" MH and 7' MH and plan to order more.  I'm a St.Croix kinda guy but these Veritas are just as good if not better!  Only problem I have with the rod is the hook keeper is in the wrong spot. Mojo's got it on the best spot but occasionally the line catches the keeper on the Veritas.  Otherwise 9/10 !!

From: David: Sauk Centre, MN

Comments: This is an awsome rod for $100! Very lightweight and sensitive but the only problem is that they will break, i've broken 2 7' flipping sticks but still for the money they can't be beat

From: Dustin

Comments: Scott from japan has no idea. these rods are amazing. scott must have no idea how to fish if he breaks one of these things and no it isnt a 40.00 dollar rod selling for 100.00 dollars. it is an awesome rod.

From: Matt: Corcoran, MN

Comments: Have had my rod for a month or so.. I has landing over 100 Bass with NO problems.. I have used it from crankbaits, to throwing shakey head with it.. It is Very sensitive, VERY balanced, and has a great spine to set the hook... Had NO problems with it and have caught some SOLID 5+ pound Bass on it so far... I will be get a few more.

From: Derek: Live Oak, FL

Comments: Love the rod, but I had the rod tip lost its insert on the fourth outing, it will be replaced with a fuji guide seeing as the guides on this rod are a little iffy. Have a vendetta and have no issues with it, but this is not right

From: Mike: Waukesha, WI

Comments: Great rod sensitive and well made and white is a good color the reel seat holds well just don't care for it being metal during to the threads can be sharp depending on how much it was used in the store and wish the butt was all cork without the insert

From: Nathan: MS

Comments: I bought the 7'6" for cranking about 5 months ago....best rod i hae ever purchased, it has great feel and its superlight.  You can throw a crankbait a mile with this rod....definatley worth its price, i would encourage you to buy this rod you wont regret it!!!

From: Grant: Dillsburg, PA

Comments: I don't see what all the buzz is about. The butt of these rods is like a tree trunk, the reel seat hood is bulky and stiff, and the tip actions are stiffer than stiff. Pure Fishing is a bunch of hype including Abu Garcia. Much rather put my hard earned money into a Powell rod that only costs 40 bucks more.

From: Mark: Spokane, WA

Comments: Great rod, is very sensitive, and feels great.. Got the 7' med action..

From: Derek

Comments: So far so good; I was skeptical about ordering these rods because of all the negative reviews on the internet. I purchased the 6-9 MH and the 6-6 M. VERY light weight. The ONLY issue I had was one of the guide inserts came out after about 4 weeks of use; I got out a tube of super glue and glued it back in and all seems well. The only issue I have now is the fact that I get a little nervous only because of all of the negative reviews. But again; these things are super lightweight and very sensitive. I use the 6-6 M for shaky heads and I feel everything. The 6-9 is my senko rod and it has plenty of backbone for rock solid hooksets and is certainly light enough to throw all day. As far as the looks of these things.....incredible; thats the original reason I wanted these rods. I have the 6-9 paired up with a BPS RCX Baitcaster and the 6-6 is pair up with a BPS Pro Qualifier Baitcaster. AWESOME COMBO's.

From: Gary: Ephrata, PA

Comments: Great Rod for the price, I bought the 7'0 MH and throw up to 1 oz jigs on it for deep bass,  paired it up with a BPS Pro Qualifier which makes a very light combo.  It is very well balanced and the reel seat and handle is awesome having your hands right on the blank helps a lot with sensitivity and I love the texas rigged hook keepers.  Also bought a spinning rod to fish shakey heads on and love it to.

From: Jake: Greer, SC

Comments: Great rod , feels super good in your hands , very sensetive tip and great action (7'3 med heavy fast tip) paired up with an abu stx, it's the ''magic stick''.

From: Joe: Quebec, Canada

Comments: I have used two of the 7' medium heavy action casting rods and both have lost the top guides ..Such a dissappointment as I really like the action of the rods..

From:  Leslie: Maryville, TN

Comments: Just as the previous guy stated.  I have gone through two 7'0" medium rods. On the first rod the tip broke off 2 inches from the top, returned and got a replacement.  On the second rod the tip broke off 4 inches from the top while i was boat flippin a 3lber durning a tourney.  I own two other veritas, one 7'3" mh and the other 7'0" mh. I have had no problems with these rods.  The tip section of the medium is really small in diameter.  I love the medium and is a great squarebill rod but i dont trust them during tourney days. But in all the Veritas is a great rod, super light and sensitive.

From: Randy: Elk Grove, CA 

Comments: 7'0" medium.. broke about 4 inches off the tip on the first fish i caught with it.. I also have the 7'0" medium heavy.. have landed a lot of fish with it and no problems..  Love the feel of them both.. Going to try a replacement, hopefully it will last a lot longer..

From: Bryce, Kentucky

Comments: Fears came true. Just tying a crankbait on my 6'6" medium rod. About 8 inches of the tip of the rod broke off. It's a crying shame because I LOVED this rod. I have read the reviews on the Abu Garcia website that this is not uncommon and has happened to many people. Not sure if I want to take the chance on another one.

From: Caleb: Indiana

Comments: I have the 7'6 medhevbought this past winter took it out once, didnt like to stiff. Took it out again paired it with the Revo SX. Love it, found that it should be used with medhev to heavy crank baits. Would consider buying another soon.

From: Ant: Wldorf, MD

Comments: i own the 7'6' med heavy, this rod is worth just as much as those 500 dollar steez rods. this rod weighs nothing, its very stiff and has lots of backbone... and it can handle just about anything. this is the best rod out there so go out and get one! super sensitive

From: Matt: Cabondale, IL

Comments: I have 4 of these, with 2 more on the way. Fished All-Star and Castaway all my life, and these are my new fix! Maybe not THE best, but a great rod for the money. Very lightweight, sensitive, and STRONG!

From: Austin: S. Louisiana

Comments: I read all these comments saying the veritas is better than mojo bass or mojo bass is better than veritas. Here is the truth BOTH are great rods but i prefer my veritas for pitching and frogging over the mojo bass because the Veritas is so much lighter. Dont get me wrong,both are awesome rods but when it comes to heavy equipment..... get the veritas.

From: Matt: MN

Comments: amazing rod, ive got the 6 9 md hvy with a revo s, n coulndt ask for a better combo its great

From: Bryan: TN

Comments: I was very disapointed with this rod didnt even come close to my st croix mojo bass

From: Iowa, US

Comments: After picking up the veritas this rod is heavy.

From: Jack: TN

Comments: I am kinda picky when it comes to rods. I was allmost talked out of getting the veritas because of the stiffness in all the models, and a bass pro employee told me that the reel will move on the rod due to the metal reel seat. I purchased the rod anyway, same day went fishing,  straight after leaving the lake, went to tacklewarehouse.com and ordered 5 more. great rod, idc what anyone says.  The carrot stick, or the skeet reese rods dont even compare.  abu garcia is the ferrari of bass fishing!!! more revos and veritas in the mail as we speak!! keep it up abu!!!!

From: Austin: Lakewood, CO

Comments: i got the 6'6 medium heavy for football jigs. the rod is really sensitive and you can feel the bottom really good. its a little stiff but other than that the best rod under 100 dollars

From: Gunnar: Las Vegas, NV

Comments: These rods are the best rods under a hundred dollars. You get your moneys worth and I believe you get a little more.  Dont get me wrong this is not a powell rod or Shimano Cumara. But if your not wanting to spend fortune get you some. I am very happy with the four i have. I highly recommend the 7'6''. Great for a person learning how to flip or pitch. And if Your a smallmouth fishermen go get your self the ML 6'9" spinning rod. Best ML i have ever used. Over all these are five star rods for the price.

From: James: Alcoa, TN

Comments: These rods for buck are amazing. Any rod with this type of power and control should be in the 140 dollar range. I personally have bought 4 of them. The only rods that i like more are powell rods. But still for your dollar these are great rods.

From: Wall: Knoxville, TN

Comments: I will never doubt this rod again! I have three of these, and love all three of them! I used the 6'6" Medium this morning doing a little jerkbait fishing and landed a 24 in striper!!! No problem. I will probly get more in the future.

From: Trey: Moneta, VA

Comments: I love this rod. This rod replaced a St. Croix Mojo rod that broke 1 hour after I purchased it (see my review of that rod). The Veritas is extremely light. I paired it up with a Shimano Caenen. I fished with it but no bites. I have full confidence it was handle any bass/salmon I can catch.

From: Larrick: Washington State

Comments: I have 4  7'3"MH and 3  7' M and they are great rods for the money. Super light and super sensitive.

From: Chad: Jefferson City, MO

Comments: Very very light, very very sensitive, very very cheap compared to others of the same quality. Dollar for dollar, this is the best bang for your buck. It is a little stiffer then most, but once you get used to it, you may actually like the stiffness. The white looks cool too.

From: Daniel: North Carolina, USA

Comments: I just bought 4, a 6'6" med , 7' med, and 2-7' medhvy.  Had originally bought carrot stix wilds they are lighter but with all the problems that companies has it scared me away and I chose the veritas rods instead.  Pitchin' wise they feel alittle top heavy but they a still so lite!, can't wait for spring.

From: Bill: Liberty Twp., OH

Comments: The Good-It's very light weight & It arrived in one piece. The Bad- Low quality, excessive glue used for the guides. There's better $99.00 rods out there. I liked the Vendetta better. This is a $40.00 rod selling for $99.00? Not!
The Ugly-The rod tip was slightly damaged, as was some of the guides during shipping. Looks like "UPS" used the rod tube as a bat in a baseball game. Not worth sending back.

From: Scott: Omura, Japan

Comments: I got the 7'3" mh and am very happy the only thing negative at all is that it is a little stiff but very sensitive. Fished a tourney in central fl. today with it boated 17 fish in thick buggy whips and pads, rod performed flawlessly. a +++++

From: Kevin: Plant City, FL

Comments: Got a 7ft Hvy for worm and jig fishing.  Not as light as a carrot stick, but close.  Sensitivity is good and has a little tip which I like for pitching.  Good investment for $100.

From: Knock: Hanson, KY

Comments: bought the 7' H and 6'9 MH.light sensitive and strong. the 7' did snap while casting a small swimbait but it was replaced and is holding up fine...8/10 overall

From: Mike: Lake Fork, TX

Comments: The best $100 on the market period. Incredible feel. Balances with any reel. Light and sensitive. 10/10 .One thing to watch out for though is that it is very stiff- which fits my style, but may be not fit yours. 7'0 MH is more like an XH, and the 7'0M is like a H.  Hope that Abu comes out with a whippy parabolic crank rod in the Veritas series!

From: JP: Rockville, MD

Comments: ok rod pretty light and sensitive but snapped in half setting a hook on a fish.. this was my first time with it and i dont know if it was it was damaged during shipping . but not buying another one


Comments: If you are anything like me you use these reviews for help.  So, I hope this review helps you out as much as others have helpeds me. It came down to three rods for me, Lamiglas Excel, St. Croix Mojo, and the Abe Garcia Veritas.  I was looking for something in the 100 dollar range.  I just recieved a Shimano Corado 200E7 and I wanted an all around stick to through top water lures and some pitching. I went to the local tackle shop and put the St. Croix and the Abu Garcia in my hand.  Both 7' MH and instantly fell in love with the feel of the Veritas.  To me it felt more balanced than the Mojo.  It is light and sesitive,  puts your fingers directly on the blank so you can feel the slightest tick in the tip.  Granted it is the middle of winter and it is not a jig rod but,  you can feel it.  The finish is awesome, I love the white finish but the bass might be able to see all that flash above the water.  Awesome balance and feel can't wait until the ice thaws!  Now as for the service and speed of delivery..... I must say that Tackle Warehouse is the best!  I went to alot of online dealers and nobody beats Tackle Warehouse.  I ordered on a Wednesday two day for 5 dollars.  The package came clear across the United States to New York on time.  Friday i was showing the Veritas off to all my buddies.  Tackle Warehouse is the BEST period.

From: Chris: Carthage, NY

Comments: I have 3 of these rods and I love them. AllStar was all I fished for years and they are goods rods but they do not compare to the Veritas. If you want a rod that is light, strong and can make long casts this is it. Dollar for dollar there is no better rod available.

From: Jim: Ventress, LA

Comments: Very, very good rod.  Well made with quality components and the color scheme is off the hook!  Very well balanced with the Revo reels which I prefer.  You cannot ask for anything more out of a $100 rod.

From: Tim: Ohio, USA

Comments: the 7'0 MH rod is a little stiff on tip. looks good overall i guess not bad for 90.00

From: Rob

Comments: just bought one of these rods the 7'0 mh and it is very little heavier than carrot stix. not much heavier but enough to tell. overall looks good dont know for sure yet about sensitivity. to me the vendetta is lighter. guess not a bad rod for 90.00 tho.

From: Robert: South Carolina, USA

Comments: Purchased the 6'6 medium casting rod for Mangrove Jack fishing in Australia. Only managed 30 or 40 casts at the river bank for a quick test to see how it feels......and it feels superb! It delivers lures a long way and has an amazingly sensitive feel through the blank into the hands. A genuinely great casting rod for an insanely cheap pric----buy a Veritas

From: Sam: Queensland, Australia

Comments: I got the 7 foot medium rod as a gift for christmas and it is beautiful! Can't wait to try it out on Lake Champlain. Bought some spinnerbaits, crankbaits, and swimbaits and I'm going to go reduce the bass population. Looks great, just wonder how it will perform

From: Nick: Vermont, USA

Comments: Picked one up the store the other day and thought it was comparable in lightness to a carrot stix!  Very appealing to the eye too.  I think they a great inprovement/upgrade to the Vendetta and the Vengence.  Just wonder on their durrability.  Also wish they came with semi micro guides...


Comments: 100 bucks with this quality and demand its a no brainer guys best rod i have ever owned and might i say the best looking one at that!! im so glad i switched over to abu saved me alot of money and gave me many years of catching fish thanks abu for the great prices

From: Brian: New Jersey, USA

Comments: I have the 6'9" Med Hvy and it is as light or equal to my 6'9'' Carrot Stix or 6'6'' All-Star Titanium....Great rod for $100 Bucks....They could have charged $150 or $200 and it would have been worth it....don't be scared....it's a sweet rod - BUY ONE !

From: Jeff: Newnan, GA

Comments: I just got this rod in today and for the price it is one sweet rod. It is attractive, lite and powerful. I broke it in at Castaic casting topwater lures at Stripers. It performed flawlessly. Let's see how she does in the long run. I definitely would buy another.

From: Raymond: Granada Hills, CA

Comments: No flippin way! I mean like, i bought the 7' heavy and i cant believe it. titanium alloy guides with sic inserts and a nano technology blank all in a 99 dollar rod. I just am blown away. it has sick lure range and is almost half as sensitive as my kistler micro magnesium (i prefer kistler micro mag to all other rods as to me it is the lightest, well the best balance of lightness and sensitivity, even better than z-bone). I think i am so excited about my new rod i will forget to write my name down. lol

From: Felton, CA

Comments: All I have to say is WOW what a great rod light, strong and everything you can ask for in a rod. That's all I have to say get you one you won't regret it, it speaks for it's self. Great job Abu Garcia!!!

From: Brett: Georgetown, TX

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Abu Garcia Veritas Casting Rod 7'9" Heavy

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Extra Fast 12-25lb 5/8-3oz 9+Tip Veritas H
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17-1/2" $79.99
Veritas H

Abu Garcia Veritas Flipping Rod 7'11" Heavy

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Moderate Fast 12-25lb 3/8-1 1/2oz 9+Tip Veritas G
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15-1/2" $79.99
Veritas G

Abu Garcia Veritas Winch Cranking Rod 7'6" Med Hvy

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Moderate 10-20lb 1/2 - 1 3/8oz 10+Tip Veritas G
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15-1/2" $79.99
Veritas G

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