Now even lighter than before thanks to the latest in micro guide technology, the Abu Garcia Veritas Micro Guide Casting Rods provide the lightweight performance anglers are looking for - as well as two important factors many of today’s rod overlook - balance and strength. Abu Garcia’s new Nano Technology, which is incorporated into every rods' super-sensitive 30-ton graphite blanks, manipulates the graphite on an atomic level for 2.5-times the impact resistance of standard graphite rods. This prevents microscopic nicks and dings that cause other rods to snap, and ensures you have the durability you need when its all on the line. Abu Garcia’s extreme exposure reel seats in conjunction with high density EVA handles in a split grip configuration also balance out each rod perfectly. Balance is often an overlooked aspect in rod design, which can make all the difference in sensitivity and bite detection, as well as, angler fatigue. New and improved, and even lighter than before, the Abu Garcia Veritas Micro Guide Casting Rods deliver unparalleled performance and advanced features at a price that can’t be ignored.

-Backed by a Limited Three Year Warranty

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I've got to say, I've heard a lot of negative reviews on this rod. I'm here to say that this rod is really good for the money. Very versatile, LIGHT, sensitive, and has a good back bone. I use mine for texas rigging and jigs.

From: Garett: Olive Branch, MS 9/12/14

Comments: Bought this rod about a month ago, i bought it purposely to test the rod and actually find out myself if it is as bad as most say. So far i have had no problems with it, its sensitive and so far, has held up pretty well. But in my honest opinion, it's not the best 100 dolar rod on the market. I would prefer the Duckett Ghost series rods. Much more sensitive, probably more durable than a Veritas, and casting distance for me is better on the Ghost.

From: Theo: Leonardtown, MD 7/10/14

Comments: Bought this rod after reading the reviews and looking at the action, I love the action but I hate fishing this rod. The reel seat thread is too far forward so when I'm holding the spinning reel my middle finger is rubbing the threads

From: Ash: Sacramento, CA 7/7/14

Comments: been swimming jigs with fifty pound braid for a year now and absolutely no pro using the 7 ft med heavy very good backbone and handles fish as good as any rod I've used very very good rod for money med heavy feels more like heavy though

From: Bubba: Syl, AL 6/28/14

Comments: The veritas rods are trash don't waste your money I have 2 of them & both are broken one broke during a hook set and the guide fell off on the other I tried to contact them but no one replied back to me it's been weeks poor product and poor customer service

From: Dennis: Philadelphia, PA 6/5/14

Comments: This rod is very good. I bought a 6ft 6in med. veritas micro and it handled a 5lb bass with no problem. I've heard mixed reviews about this rod and was hesitant at first, but once I used it on the water, it has worked wonders. Also can't beat the price!

From: Silas: Northfield, NJ 4/28/14

Comments: this rod is awesome I have a curado 200g7 with 50 lb. braid and catch monsters. I use swim baits to frogs to worm and this rod is perfect for it very sensitive to which is very good.

From: Zach: Orlando, FL 3/23/14

Comments: This is the best $100 rod on the market by far. It has great back bone and last forever. Highly recommend this reel.

From: Brandon: Oviedo, FL 3/17/14

Comments: This is the best 100 dollar rod out there imo. have landed several fish over 5 - along with the salad that comes with them. used it for early spring frog fishing - and it was never overmatched. should have been using a mh or a heavy, but wanted to put this medium to the passed with flying colors

From: Matt: AZ

Comments: I have the 6'6 version of this rood and I got it for pond fishing and this is honestly the best rod I have ever used in my opinion of course and I have all the falcon cars series for my tournement fishing and I will now be adding these rods to my tournement arsenal and putting the caras to the ponds.

I have been using this rod for texas rigging and can feel every single little blade of grass on the bottom of the lake/pond and they are extremely lite to easy to use all day without having your arms want to fall of

From: JT: USA

Comments: I have had the 7'1 medium heavy rod for some time now and have put it to good use. It is a good rod, reliable rod but it is under rated. The medium heavy is as stiff as thick steel unless your using 1oz lures, anything under 1oz lures and your not going to get a good taper that projects the lure/bait out in water. Also people claim that this is the best 100$ rod....i recommend them to check out 13 fishing's 100$ because that rod makes this rod look/feel like a cheap rod. Thats not saying that this is a bad rod, its a great rod just not anywhere near the best 100$ but you can't go wrong with it! I have abused mine and tackled some big fish (catfish too!) and it has yet to have anything break or snap.

From: Michael: lousiville, ky, usa

Comments: bought a 7'1" from another source online on sale for $65, best bang for the buck... for around $100 awesome rod... can't beat the price and performance... love the micro guides and light weight of the rod...

From: Adam: WI

Comments: Not sure how I feel about Abu Garcia rods anymore. I had a 6'9" MH that fished great for one season but broke about 1' down setting the hook on a small fish. I got a replacement for it and the second eye from the handle is about 10 degrees off center. Those two things have me really angry but the problem is the rods perform so well, they're comfortable, light, and responsive, I'm just unhappy with the construction. I also have a 7' heavy with regular guides that I use for frogging and punching and I love it. I've caught numerous 4#+ fish on it and it's always performed well. I personally am going to try other manufacturers at this price point.

From: Will: Pittsburgh

Comments: I got the 7foot medium heavy and it feels more like a heavy rod honestly which was bit disappointing however it is still sensitive and is extremely light just not as sensitive as my team daiwa T casting rod which was cheaper. This rod however looks awesome and screams quality just by looking at it and I can tell that this rod is going to bring me in some big fish without any problems at all which i will be fishing on the Ohio river regularly very soon so this is good :). Overall the rod is a quality rod that is super light, casts good and looks amazing....i highly recommend it if you want a good micro guide rod!

Comments: I LOVE this rod. Everything about it is great! Light, i can feel a fishes breath, and looks pertty darn cool. Best $100 ive spent!

From: Brad: Wauchula FL

Comments: Great Rod for its price, it is actually too cheap.  This should be a $200 rod I think. super light and very accurate strong back bone.  Its the same rod "IKE" use

From: Xiong: Milwaukee

Comments: this is a great rod i caught a 5.5 pound bass on it no problem good sensitiveity good back bone and the price aint bad at all i have the 7ft medium heavy i can use this for everything from bass steelhead salmon and it handles them all great i just cant complain about a rod that does a great job i really enjoy this rod

From: Joe: fruitland id

Comments: these are pretty good rods but it should be noted that these ARE NOT true micro guides but in fact semi micro guides. This means the guides are a half way point between true micro guides and regular guides. If you were expecting to see the same guides you see on a duckett or other popular rods you will be disappointed. Overall these rods preform pretty well

From: Josh: IL

Comments: This is a great rod, it preforms flawlessly! I have the 7' medium action rod paired with the Revo Premier and 7'6' winch paired with the Revo SX and I fish them a lot! The property I live on has 5 private bass ponds so trust me when I say that these rods have seen A LOT of use, probably one to two hundred casts a day! I pulled my personal record fish (10lbs 6ozs) out of heavy cover with the 7' and I couldn't have been happier with the way this rod handled that fish!! No more Carrot Stix for me, I'm going to switch those out for more Abu's! Buy one, you will be glad you did!

From: Christian: Cleveland, TN

Comments: i got the 7ft med action, loads up great, its nice and light.

From: Temo: Fresno, CA

Comments: I guess rods are like cars, some of them are just lemons.  I read the reviews and was hesitant about buying this rod, but a friend has one and he swears by it so I bought one.  I paired it with a Revo STX 8.0:1. It is a cool looking rod and it works!  I am going to switch out the mish mash of different brand pole and reels I have to this set up. I have only been bass fishing for a few months time.  I have gone from catching 0 the first time out to catching 10-15 bass a day with regularityÉ buy it, you'll like it. 

From: Lyle: Blythe, CA

Comments: Great rod. Very light weight, great balance, loads up nicely, and the micro guides increase casting distance and accuracy. I have mine paired with a new Revo S, and this combo is amazing looking and awesome to fish with. Best $100 you'll ever spend.

From: Jason: TN

Comments: Love the rod.  Very lightweight and feels like a high end rod.  Only gripe is I bought a 6'6 medium for topwaters and it doesnt perform as well as Id like. I bought the 7ft medium winch model and it is perfect for topwaters. Wish they made the winch models in some more lenghts then 7 and 7'6

From: AL

Comments: I have three of these rods . They feel like a higher dollar rod very light. I've lifted several good size fish in the boat with these rods haven't had one break yet plan on buying several more

From: Matt: MS

Comments: got this rod today very light paired it with an abu garcia pro max and very light combo i will buy another one after i see how good this is on the water

From: Chris: Manassas, VA

Comments: Bought ten of them broke six of them on fish worst part was they all broke in FLW Everstart tourney's. Good rod except for breaking......

From: Rick: Pittsburgh

Comments: Abu Garcia Veritas Micro Casting Rods Great rod.Some paint chipped on mine but it still is sweet

From: Carson

Comments: GREAT ROD!  Very sensitive, and the micro guides do help improve casting distance.  It's light weight, and does have a very good backbone.  I use the 7" MH for light flipping and pitching, and it feels stiffer than other MH's I have.  I would highly recommend this rod.  MUCH better than the previous Veritas rods.

From: Keegan: IA

Comments: Got this rod from Bass Pro actually but it's a sick rod an I plan on buying more of them. I got mine paired up with a quantum kvd pt reel and it's amazing and super durable, gonnna get another and put an EXO on it.

From: Austin: St. Johns River, FL

Comments: guided snapped after 6mths other then that no conplant

Comments: I no that this rod got some reviews saying that it breaks but i can honestly say that it wont just yesterday i was fishing in some thick cover with a frog and was able to land a 4 pound bass  with no problem. a great rode for the money!

From: Stephen: MD

Comments: I believe the rod is pretty much the single most important piece of tackle you own...the ONE thing you spend as much as you can afford in your budget on. So I've always had Kistler Heliums, Magnesiums, St. Croix Legend Tournaments, and Powell's. But I'm also not a fool, and when I used a friend's Veritas line up while out on a boat w/ my $280 heliums and Legends, I was AMAZED. I could literally compare side-by-side the rods and try different lures on each rod. He even had the same weight/company football jig tied to his 7 MH and I compared w/ the Helium...the helium was NOT highly out-performing the veritas...I could barely tell difference. I prefered the action on the Veritas, My helium lta was SLIGHTLY (very slight) more sensitive but I also had fluorocarbon on and his was Monofilament so that could easily be attributed to that. Needless to say I went out and revamped my whole arsenal with 5 new (so far) Veritas. These rods do not fish like 100$ rods like Mojo's and other bargain rods do...These fish like 180-200$ rods easily. I believe the ability to MASS produce is why they can offer them so cheap. I find the actions to be a TAD lighter than what they say on the MH...if u think a true MH is 1/4-3/4oz...don't fret that these r rated to's a true MH...i dono if I'd throw 1oz. baits on the MH. The 7'3" MH is, however, a heavier action rod...good frog/c-rig/football jig rod. I have the 7'M micro Casting (so light), 7'M regular guides casting (same blank as micro but rated "moderate" cuz of guides...only a slight bit "slower", great if u like a rod for square bills, lighter cranks, lipless cranks, smaller spooks n poppers, swim jigs, senkos/flukes BUT easily also great for light t-rig n finesse jigs...SUCH a versatile rod in micro OR regular) the 7' MH micro Casting (extreeeme versatility as well), the 7'3" standard guidesMH (frogs, c-rigs, football jigs, flippin/pitchin- perfect!) and the 7' M spinning rod  (drop shots, shakey heads, weightless)

From: Tanner: Cape Cod

Comments:  This is definitely an improvement over the original Veritas.  Just bought a 7' MH and I had a 6'6 MH original.  The Micro guides cast further, much lighter and more balanced.  A Carrot Stix wild is still slightly lighter than the micro guide but I could barely notice it.   Definitely recommend the micro guide series!

From: J: Whitewater, WI

Comments: I held this rod at a fishing convention and am ticked i didn't buy it. So light and got a nice tip. im gonna get one but am dissapointed i didnt get one sooner

From: Aaron: WI

Comments: good rod stiff backbone feels like a carrot stick great sensitvity but the micro guides arent as small as the other companies that sale micro guide rods.

From: Chris: USA

Comments: A...M...A...Z...I...N...G

From: Matt: Lakeville, MN

Comments: Bought three of these rods and before I got to even string my reels the plastic part on the handle broke on two of them.when I tightened the nut to hold the reel down the plastic on the handle broke and the reel wouldn't stay on the pole...I just wasted two hundred dollars. going back to my carrot stix.

From: Jacob: Pineville, LA

Comments: I own the 6'9" and it is significantly lighter and more sensitive then the original series. I only own Veritas rods and the Micro series are a must! Definitely recommend

Comments: sick rod! i have the 7 ' medium heavy. sick rod, im new to micro guides and the deffinetly cast farther. i have it with a Revo Sx 7.1 with some 50lb braid, greaat all around rod

From: Logan: NJ

Comments: used the rod for the first time and im hooked light weight and very sensitve.abu garcia has a winner here go get ya one and try it out :)

From: Matt: Clarksville, TN

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