Delivering a jaw dropping feel that is both balanced and lightweight, the Abu Garcia Villain Casting Rods come equipped with ultra sensitive 40-ton graphite blanks - the highest grade of graphite in an Abu Garcia rod. The series also features Abu Garcia’s LRC Low Resin Content graphite technology, which allows less resin to be used in the construction of the rod blanks. This in turn creates rods that are significantly lighter in hand and more sensitive than traditional graphite rods - all without sacrificing strength. Titanium alloy guides with Ti inserts help reduce weight further and provide excellent durability, while a C6 Total Exposure reel seat puts you in complete contact with the rod blank and delivers maximum sensitivity transfer. Also featuring comfortable, high density EVA split grips with no fore grip, the Abu Garcia Villain Casting Rods offer next generation of tournament-caliber performance.

Backed by a Limited Three-Year Warranty

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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Customer Reviews

Comments: The reel seat on the casting rods is very awkward and uncomfortable. The seats on the spinning rods are awkward but a little more comfortable. The actions are off from what I can tell. Stiffer than what typical rod actions are. I got rid of my Villain casting rods but still use the spinning rods. They are very light and super sensitive, even the lightest bite is easily detected. The actions on the spinning rods are a little "off" and the handles are a bit longer than what I like but I still think they are great sticks and I enjoy fishing with them. Its too bad the reel seats ruin the casting rods though. With a little different seat I'd use Villain rods exclusively. Until then, I'm sticking with my Falcons.

From: SB: VA 8/30/14

Comments: I bought the med/light and paired it with the revo prem 3. At first the trigger grip bothered me but now that I'm use to it I prefer it to my other rods. It's crazy sensitive with good backbone and loads up nice on the cast. I would definitely recommend it.

From: Paul: Australia 8/29/14

Comments: I used three Villain rods (two with standard line guides, one with microguides) for a full year before writing this review. The blank is sensitive, light and durable. However, I never really got comfortable with the reel seat/trigger. Also, all three rods have severe grooving on the rod tip eyelet after one year of use. I have only used 12 to 15 lb fluorocarbon on these rods. I'm a big Abu Garcia fan, but these rods have been a disappointment for $180.

From: Scott: AR 3/4/14

Comments: I've been using this rod, along with an MGX, for over a year now and it is an amazing setup. The two together are a super light, sensitive combo that make all of my other Revo reel/Shimano rod setups feel heavy. I love this setup so much, I have two. And an added plus.....this combo actually floats. So, if you drop it in the lake, no need to strip down and dive in after it. Nobody wants to see that anyway.

From: David: Rowlett, TX USA

Comments: I bought the 7'1" mh at about $70 when sportsman's warehouse had this on sale. For that price, it's a good rod, but I wouldn't pay anything higher than $70 for this rod. It feels more sensitive when holding in hand than actually fishing in water. Took it out to a local pond for testing today. Didn't feel that sensitive when jigging (comparing to shimano crucial). The tip is very stiff, I was trying to see how good it casts and accidentally caught a trout. The trout was lost during landing I think the stiff tip is one of the reasons. Having said that I think this rod is better for fishing heavy covers or frogs and I am glad I only paid $70.

Comments: If you want a light rod with durability then buy this rod!  The only negative thing that I really have to say about this rod is the 3-year warranty it comes with.  I really wish it would've come with a 5-7 year warrant.  Various people cry about he eva foam ripping off well here's a thought send it back and get a new one or else just apply some super glue on the backside.  As for the tips snapping and breaking off...I have just one question...do you guys know how to fish?  All rods have a chance of snapping at the tip and all real fishermen know this.  If you're scared of the rod tip breaking then please go to Wal-Mart and just buy an Ugly stick.  Take a chance with this rod and you'll be happy.

From: Teng: WI

Comments: this is the best rod i have ever had. the line runs incredibley smooth through the guides and it is so light it feels like a feather in your hand.I paired it with a Revo s and this combo is deadly.just AWESOME!

From: Dominic: Ashland, OR

Comments: great rod, especially for the price. Don't be weary because of comments about micro guides and EVA foam, this rod is the real deal. paired with a MGX and it's top of the line. casts far, very light, and powerful. overall one of the best rods on the market, and half the price or less compared to a Loomis.

From: Alec

Comments: bought one of these rods and have to say seems like a pretty decent rod it is a bit heavier than my Falcons but for the price its an excellent rod i got the 7ft 3in heavy and its a power house if i needed another one i wouldnt  hesitate.

From: BigMike: KS

Comments: This rod is top shelf stuff folks.  It's sensitive, very light weight and fishes like a dream.  My opinion....go ahead and buy a Kistler or Loomis and waste all money you want.  This rod out fishes em all.  And you cork guys....take a look at this rod.   Would you really put cork on this?  Really?  Would you spray paint a Delorian too?  Micro guides are a non factor.  Buy a high end reel and you can cast just as far and just as accurate.

From: Rod: Des Moines, IA

Comments: Lets not be stupid here and knock these rods because they don't have "micro guides".  Loomis NRX $450 - $500 the don't have micro guides,  Shimano Cumara and Cumulas $250 - $400 they don't have micro guides.

From: James: IN

Comments:  Agree.  Lifetime warranty is best,  3 year warranty on these is good, 1 year warranty on a $400 Kistler sucks. With modern technology rods in the same price range are comparable whether it rates as IM7, IM8 ect or graphite ton 30, 36,40 ect or million modulus ratings they are all about the same.  A Kistler Helium is equal to IM9, 70 million modulus or 36 ton graphite, Kistler Zbone and Shimano Cumara are 86 million modulus, IM10, or 40 ton graphite.  Your paying for a name same as a Ranger boat is 65,000  and a Nitro is 40,000.

From: Kevin: Guntersville, AL

Comments: Don't fool yourself these are good rods for the money.  A lot of the pros win millions on the $99 white rod and the villian is 2 steps up from those.  Villian is very sensitive yes its stiff but you dont want a wet noodle.  Kistlers aren't any good anymore the older Heliums and LTX rods were great the new $400 Zbone not any better than a Villian.  For those knocking the 3 year warranty. . .saying get a Kistler, your $400 Zbone has a limited one year "smart" warranty.

From: Andy: Ohio

Comments: The 8' villian is an absoulute beast. If you like to flip grass and set the hook with authority get this rod. 65lb braid and your set. Makes a 3lber look silly.

From: Trevor: OH

Comments: who pays $180 for a rod and is only backed with a 3 year warranty. Do your self a favor and get Shimano crucial or cumara, G Loomis or an St. Criox Avid Series and up. Great Warranties for similar pricing to this rod

Comments: bought a 7'1 Mh and took it out the first day,and set the hook and it broke in half at the bottom guide.I figure this was a defect in this one rod ,but it made me think twice before ordering it again in my exchange , I'm going to get a kistler helium instead

From: Keith: Columbia, MD

Comments: awkward feeling grip and reel seat, not sure if i can get used to it, good light rod but it def doesnt feel like a $180 rod. 3 year limited warranty..... come on ABU....

Comments: Abu did a Great job on this ROD & well worth the price! i am Very Happy with it... ^^ Great RODS...

From: JC: VA

Comments: These rods are simply amazing! They're ultra lightweight, and extremely sensitive. Titanium framed titanium nitride guides are top of the line and are more sensitive than the cheap micro guides. Carbon reel seat and the guides are wrapped on the rod with carbon fiber thread..... incredible!!!!! I'm going to be buying many more very soon.

From: BN: Glendale, AZ

Comments: Comments below are way off about this rod.  It is both balanced and light and feels even better when paired with any of the Abu reels.  Sensitivity is awesome with the new reel seat.  Cork grips just wouldn't look right with the color scheme and I'm becoming a fan of the EVA foam anyway.  Great job on this rod and well worth the price!

From: Tim: OH

Comments: Ok, stop bashing these rods because they don't have the newest bells and whistles.  Conventional Guides vs. Micro Guides is all dependant on the angler.  This is a high quality rod with high quality components.  Notice the inserts on these guides.  The Ti inserts are a hundred times more durable than other insets.  The only accuracy or castability "lost" by these style guides is angler error.  The blank is an extremely high quality lightweight blank.  As far as the grips go, eva and cork really don't have that much difference as far as sensitivity goes, thats just user peference.  Overall this is a great rod from ABU and I'm very happy with it

From: Ron: VA

Comments: Go get yourself a powell or Dobyns. You get way more for your money. This is reel stiff and has no give what so ever.

From: Walker: Maryville, TN

Comments: Dont let these comments fool you, I  got to feel this rod at a local tackle shop.. The guiides are normal sized and it is so light, just wish i had the money to buy one.

From: Logan

Comments: Reel seat components feel cheap and gaudy. Not a very comfortable design overall. All the blanks feel stiff also, a medium action had no play in the tip. Not a fan.

From: Bud: Swan Lake, NY

Comments: Absolutely! Its kind of like Heidi Klum wearing parachute pants, it just doesn't make sense. come on Abu!!

From: Johnny: AL

Comments: I agree with the large guide comment, throws this rod way off! I'm bias towards micro guides though, they are truely superior to the standard guide sizes. For now I'll stick with Ducketts, until Abu offers the Villian a micro guide series.

From: Jigs: The North Coast, Ohio

Comments: Love the rod, but who offers a new rod without small guides anymore? The area under the trigger but before the EVA is slightly uncomfortable. Rod is light as can be, but the big guides throw it off.

From: Sammy: Greensboro, NC

Comments: i would have liked to see these with some cork. nothing worse then the EVA foam.

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