Accu Cull Metal Tags Culling System

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The Accu Cull Metal Culling Tag Kit features reliable metal tags which firmly secure your fish. Constructed from high quality steel, they won’t fall out or bend out of shape easily. Colored surgical tubing also helps you to quickly identify your fish, and they even feature cork inserts, which allow them to float for even easier identification. The livewell mounting bracket also allows you to mount the tags easily right where you need them - in your livewell - with no tangles.


-Seven Floating Cull Tags
-Livewell Mounting Strap

Accu Cull Culling System

Accu Cull Digital Scale

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I can't recommend these. The tube never stays connected and the metal clamps usually come unhooked and fall out of the fished mouth. I'm currently shopping for my next set of cull tags as these aren't up to par. Likely will be the T-H Marine G Force System.

From: Jeffrey: USA 9/7/16

Comments: This cull system just needs a little work to make it really good. I took a piece of heat shrink tubing (did NOT heat it) and ran it over the plastic clip.  This prevents the metal clip from slipping out but remains easy enough to swap them when they inevitably start to rust.  I also ran a zip tie over the end of the plastic clip to secure the colored tubing. A $30 cull system shouldn't need any modifications,but this should last for years.

From: Jake: OH 6/1/14

Comments: Like everyone else has said, plastic clasp is not rigid enough to stay in place when lifting fish by the surgical tubing, thus you have a livewell full of fish not connected to the surgical tubes. I put 3/16" shrink wrap over the plastic clasps and it locked the clasp in place and now they work great.

From: Dustin: Fair Oaks, CA 5/14/14

Comments: Like others have said, the tubing comes off the clasp very easily.  I was able to take a small zip tie and tighten it around the clasp which keeps them firmly in place.  The only advantage is they dont get tangled at all, but the tubing thing can be frustrating if not secured with a zip tie.

From: Greg: Carmel, ME

Comments:  Junk, tubing falls off metal clip due to cheap plastic clasp.  This leaves you with five fish with no tubing attached rendering system useless

Comments: Worthless. Rust easily, and tubing never stays attached to the tags.

From: Tanner: USA

Comments: The metal tags come off the tubing easily. Pretty useless, especially at this price. I've already replaced my system with another.

From: Dale: GA

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