Most anglers know the advantages tungsten weights provide over their lead or brass counterparts. Smaller and more dense, they deliver a compact profile and increased sensitivity. Composed of high quality 97% pure tungsten, the SOB Affordable Tungsten Weights now provide the benefits of tungsten at a price that is very attractive to anglers. The painted SOB Affordable Tungsten Weights do not have an insert, instead they feature "smooth bore technology" for diamond-polished smoothness, while the non-painted SOB Affordable Tungsten Weights are equipped with an insert that is large enough to accommodate up to 75lb braid or 20lb fluoro/mono line.  Also, all SOB Affordable Tungsten weights that are 3/8oz and bigger feature a flipping weight shape, while weights smaller than 3/8oz feature a bullet weight shape.

1/8, 3/16oz - 4 per pack
1/4, 5/16, 3/8oz - 3 per pack
1/2oz - 2 per pack
3/4, 1oz, 1-1/2oz - 1 per pack

Bullet style weights - 1/8oz, 3/16oz, 1/4oz, 5/16oz sizes.
Flipping style weights - 3/8oz, 1/2oz, 3/4oz, 1oz, 1-1/2oz sizes.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: These weights are super smooth and will not cut your line!! Inserts can stick out too far and WILL cut your line if too long. Plus, inserts can sometimes hinder threading larger line through the inserts if they are to small. I highly recommend these great priced tungsten weights!!

From: Tommy: Abilene, TX

Comments: These weights have been drilled, beveled and diamond polished to completely eliminate the old problem of cutting line as the original tungsten weights did.  As for pegging them, using the "Peg-Its" works great, they are easier to use  and are less costly than the "Bobber Stoppers" (rubber nails). Try 'em.....you'll REALLY like 'em !

From: Bill: Lytle, TX 

Comments: these weights dont have inserts, thus, having sharp edges that will knick up your line. beware!

From: Jack: WI, USA

Comments: Same quality as the top brand out there but alot less. Loving them prices.

From: Brent: Atlanta, GA

Comments:  Very nice weights at a good price.

From: RicRoc: Tracy, CA

Comments: These are a great price and seem like they won't trash/cut your line, but unfortunately you can't use a tru-tungsten smart peg or T-stop...the hole is too big.

From: Justin: Plainville, CT

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