The Airrus Micro Puls Spinning Rods are racing fishing rods, and this is the only guarantee Airrus offers. The Airrus Composite Tech logo on each rod represents incredible blanks that deliver sensitivity, reliability and power. They are designed so that the angler’s hand holds the reel on the line of blank and guides, to be more precise than ever during casting, and more comfortable in the grip. An Airrus high modulus blank is different from any other high modulus blank. Airrus Rods doesn't design the taper, components and actions following the common market logics. They don't claim their rods are revolutionary by copying others, or painting the rods with children toy colors. Airrus is not interested in the masses.

As with every high ranking fishing rod, Airrus also removed the fore grip and limited the soundproof material. The high heat dissipation of the Airrus Micro Guide System also allows for a higher sensitivity, and the possibility of casting further away, reducing the lateral oscillations of the line. The Airrus Micro Puls Spinning Rods are on the pulse of fishing rod performance.

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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  • Lighter, more sensitive, and more durable than ever before, the new Airrus Micropuls X Spinning Rods are the perfect evolution of the 2007 Bassmaster Classic and 2002 ICAST Best of Show winning rod series.

  • The Airrus Nano Fusion Spinning Rods continue to push the level of technological advancement in fishing rods, utilizing materials currently only applied in the military industry.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: the description states that airbrush doesn't paint their rods kid toy colors yet this one is bright red. great rod though.

From: Nick: IL

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