Always ahead of the curve, Airrus Rods has once again decided to change the rules with the Airrus Nano Fusion Casting Rods by using a technology currently applied only for the military industry. Each Airrus Nano Fusion Casting Rod is coated in the area of greatest stress by a particular type of graphite called Carbon Nano Layered Buckypaper. The buckypaper is made of molecules 50,000 times thinner than a human hair and they are 500 times stronger and up to 10 times lighter than steel. Each Airrus Nano Fusion Rod has a layer of this material that gives it an unmatchable power and a standard of reliability never seen before in a real competition fishing rod. The Nano Fusion Rods also transmit every bite more quickly and dramatically than you've ever felt before. Airrus didn't assemble any serially produced reel seat either, they decided to expose the blank and to align as much as possible the hand to the ideal line of the micro guides, to furnish never-seen-before precision at casting. The reel is also locked by a high resistance torsional aluminum screw. The Airrus Nano Fusion Casting Rods - for tournament leaders only.

-Backed by Airrus Limited Original Owner Warranty

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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  • Lighter, more sensitive, and more durable than ever before, the new Airrus Micropuls X Casting Rods are the perfect evolution of the 2007 Bassmaster Classic and 2002 ICAST Best of Show winning rod series.

  • The Airrus Ultra X Casting Rods deliver the ultra advanced blank technology and premium components Airrus Rods are known for - now at a more affordable price point.

Customer Reviews

Comments: Greetings, I am the new national sales manager for Airrus USA. We had worked with independent distributors in the past who were tasked with maintaining stock and handling warranty claims.  This caused a disconnect with service in some instances. Airrus has ceased working with these distributors, and has opened a wholly owned US subsidiary.  We now maintain full stock in the USA, and all warranty claims will go through me.  In addition, poor shipping and handling practices caused some rods to be compromised.  This has been corrected, and all 2014 models have been re engineered. I apologize for those of you who have had issues in the past, and I make myself personally available for all concerns, questions, and service issues.  Feel free to contact me anytime.  I guarantee that you will get a prompt response.  Thank you for considering Airrus, the most technologically advanced rod on the planet.

From: Joseph: Chicago, IL

Comments: I have to agree, the customer service is horrible and you never get the impression the company has gotten it all together.  Hiring or partnership with Ken Whiting may be a smart marketing move, winning ICAST, etc etc.  This company is looking to take the same path as Ken's previous venture E21, come out with a flash in the pan product for ICAST, then things fizzle out and you become a bagholder when your rod breaks.  Never again.  I'm going back to Shimano for the warranty and service.

From: Jon: NJ

Comments: Airrus rods has THE WORST customer service in the business.  Good looking rods...until they break, then good luck. My brand new Co-Matrix 2.0 (bought from this site) broke in half at the handle on it's first hookset, and Airrus is still jerking me around nearly 4 months later.  IF they even respond to inquiries, it's full of lies and tall tales in an attempt to glass over why they are so bad at replacing defective product. Bottom line is they simply won't do it, and as far as purchasing one of their rods...neither should you.

From: Eric: Wisconsin, USA

Comments: This a unique rod that you have to try for yourself.  I can slightly rub the braid running through the guides, and will feel intense vibrations in my other hand holding the rod. Unfortunately my rod was damaged during shipping, but TW delivered excellent service by replacing the rod for me. The 6.8MH is about 180gram which is heavier than most, but the rod is well balanced. The taper of the 6.8MH is softer than most MH of other brands. Also Airrus have changed their aluminium nut to include a mini foregrip much like the iRod Air. (New models)

From: Sprog: South Africa

Comments: This rod is crazy good!!! The backbone on it is insane. This is by far the best rod I have fished with and it is worth every penny spent on it. It balances perfectly with the adjustment of the Micro Balance System. It is a little heavier than other rods but the weight gives it so much power.

From: Steven: Plano, TX

Comments: i have the co-matrix 2.5 and a micro pulse.. both are great rods and have served me well...was curious about the hook keeper location on this rod?

From: Charles: Winnie, TX

Comments: this rods are amazing, i have 4 of them 7 medium, 7 heavy, 7'6 xh. and a 7 medium heavy spinning rod. sensitivity to compare it 100 times better than a g-loomis. power far from other rods its really powerfull. a bit heavier than other rods. try them best rods i have ever used, i paired mine with lew's tournament pro's and super heavy duty's amazing combos.

From: massimiliano: saltillo, mexico.

Comments: These rods are awesome.  It's all i have on the deck of my spaceship.  I wouldn't trust any other rods to battle largemouth bass throughout the galaxy.

From: Flash Gordon: wherever Flash Gordon is from

Comments: Just received the 7'6" XH Nano.  WOW! I thought the Co Matrix was sensitive, but this rod is incredible. The Megaphone technology sounds good but I was skeptical on how efective it really was.  I can tell you this:  This rod is so sensitive, I was able to clearly feel a distinct "Hum" vibration being transmitted through the rod that was picked up by the TM on low at the other end of the boat.  Incredible.

From: Joe: Cary, IL

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