Designed by All Star's elite touring pro staff for a wide range of specific techniques, the Team All Star Casting Rods feature lightweight and ultra-sensitive IM-10 graphite blank construction. Whether you need a rod for throwing jerkbaits or a heavy flipping stick, the Team All Star Casting Rods have you covered. Equipped with Fuji Aluminum Oxide Guides precisely spaced for exact fishing styles, the guides are both lightweight and durable and also compliment the rod's sensitivity and power.

Additionally, the Team All Star Casting Rod Series also features SensaTouch (blank thru) reel seats to maximize the sensitivity emanating into the angler's hands. The premium grade cork handles provide a comfortable, secure grip and the stainless steel hook keeper allows you to conveniently secure your hook. Available for an appetizing price, the Team All Star Casting Rods feature fine American-made craftsmanship and the performance you need on the water.

-Rods assembled in the USA

Model Options

Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

Customer Reviews

Comments: Bought a 7' 11" and in less than 2 weeks it broke half way down the rod. Bought another one, used it 4 times and it broke 6" below the tip. Will buy no more!

From: Will: IL

Comments: I don't know which would be stronger, these rods, or a green hickory branch... The guy below is right, All Star's are sticks. They are tough, and strong. They are stiff, and will beat the dog out of any fish foolish enough to bite. They're not luxurious, so if that's what you are wanting, look somewhere else. They are however, one of, if not the most durable rod ever made. Don't listen to the guy talking about cheap reel seats. I looked it up yesterday and a NEW ACS Fuji reel seat is less than $7.00. Fuji is the most popular handle and guide manufacturer in the world. Cheap? Maybe in price, but in PRICE ONLY... You have to be a stick to set the hook with them, but when you do, one of two things will happen: the fish will immediately be subdued (sometimes by even flying through the air) or your line will break. If your line holds and you have a good hookset, the fish is coming to you; that is a fact. Get it.

From: Resse: Arkansas, USA

Comments: these used to be my favorite rods but not anymore. the incredibly cheap reel seats they put on the rods now kills me. also, they just don't feel the same anymore.

From: Bassnredfish: South Louisiana

Comments:Great quality rod at a very reasonable price. Too bad they aren't made in Houston any more.

From:Big J: Houston, TX

Comments:I've got 7 all stars and if I had the money id have 20. They are very light and well priced. A lot of folks fuss about the quality, but I can assure you these rods are well made. They are strong and the guides are very well made and durable. I stepped on the Carolina rig rod and it did NO damage to the rod at all!!! The best thing about these rods is they got backbone. Thats why you won't catch me with a Tessera or a Carrot Stick. These rods set the hook and fish great all day long without wearing you out.... I've got nothing bad at all to say about these rods!!!

From: Lexington, TN

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