All Terrain Tackle Mighty Jig 3pk

The All Terrain Tackle Mighty Jig was created to offer bass anglers a lightweight jig with a hook big enough to get fish away from trouble quickly. The Mighty Jig features a double-collared plastics keeper that allows you to fish with worms, tubes, grubs and other soft plastics with the confidence that they will stay put.

Another feature is the exclusive "sunken" hook eye that helps keep grass and moss from clinging to the eye. The underside of the Mighty Jig features the same Terrain Tread design that other All Terrain Tackle jigs have. The Mighty Jig is a great option for all of your favorite finesse baits and is hard to beat in tough conditions when it's rigged with a 4" finesse worm. Unlike other "shaky" heads that use a very small hook, the Mighty Jig uses a strong and super sharp 3/0 Mustad Ultra Point hook. Try the Mighty Jig with small worms around weed edges, docks, brush piles and other fish holding structure.

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    Model No. MJ-296
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    Model No. MJ-298
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Customer Reviews

Comments: Was forced to use the Mighty Jig head as a swimbait heat for my Keitech Fat Impacts on one outing because of some poor planning.  Was somewhat leery because of the line tie placement, but they worked great.  A very versatile jig head with a good hook and great keeper.  They are always with me and I've successfully used them for many techniques.

From: Mike: Aurora, IL 1/20/17

Comments: These jig heads are good! Versatile! The hook is stout. Get some! And one more exclamation point just because they are THAT good...!

From: Jay6: 6/4/14

Comments: great shakey head jig.  I use them for tying finesse and hair jigs as well.  nice strong hook

From: Jeff: gotta go finesse

Comments: Super sharp hooks strong also double collar works great buy these

From: Bear: OH

Comments: I'm a believer and just ordered some of my own.  My buddy paired this head with a craw and caught a 6 and a 5.4 the other day.  A very well designed jighead to add to your collection.

Comments: Good sharp hooks, guage of the hook could be a bit thicker..caught a five pounder and the hook was bent after.

From: Stephen: RI

Comments: These are nice shakey heads jigs. Sharp, solid hooks with a good design. Only had a chance to use them a handful of times...but I'm impressed with them so far.

From: Joesph: Syracuse, NY

Comments: Outstanding lead head for the money.  Great strength and durability.  Landed biggest spot ever today on Lake Lanier.  Just check out Catamount Bass Pros on Facebook
 to see picture.

From: Loren: Alpharetta, GA

Comments: good solid shakey head solution - caught big and small on these

From: Scott: Reston, VA

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