American Premier Ultimate Line Winding System

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2012 ICAST Best of Show - Fishing Accessory 

The American Premier Ultimate Line Winding System eliminates the inconvenience associated with spooling your casting and spinning reels. Able to accommodate all different spool sizes, the American Premier Ultimate Line Winding System utilizes high quality ball bearings and a super strong graphite frame to create an adjustable spinning axis that spins the line as you reel. This eliminates the twists and inconsistencies in tension that occur when filling your spinning reels, and the spinning axis can also be locked into place when you’re filling casting reels. Gone are the days of having your partner or child stand in front of you, holding a spool of line with a pencil. The patented design easily stores inside of rod lockers or a small tacklebox, allowing anglers to apply line to their reels wherever they go. 

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Customer Reviews

Comments: It use to be a huge issue, to get my reels properly spooled. I had even thought about getting a line winding machine. The problem with that, is it wouldn't be able to help me out on the boat. For $32, this little tool has done an amazing job. Tightly spooled reels, no line twist, and portable. When you have the tension knobs adjusted properly, this works perfect, for spinning equipment. This is the best line winding product on the market!

From: Mike; Logan, IA 9/10/15

Comments: Doesn't keep good tension on the line. It wants to spin even when the spin knob is tightened. Instructions are very poor. The old Berkley line winding system keeps better tension on the line during spooling.

From: Mike: USA 5/5/15

Comments: Works pretty darn well. Spinning reels are a little challenging with the smaller / skinny spools.

From: Brian: AZ 1/7/15

Comments: Works good for baitcasters but have only got it to spin one time using a spinning reel.  I think it only works (spins) with larger (600 yard) spools.  Also, the bushing that come with it are too think to fit in a lot of smaller size line spools- Stren for example.  It does a great job on baitcasters but I really bought it for spinning reels and I don't even use it for those now.

From: Robb: Corinth, TX

Comments: This takes a little getting use to. After you figure it out works great. It gets the line tight and even. It was worth the 30 bucks

From: Tyler: AL

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