Amphibia Exodus Sunglasses

Amphibia sunglasses are trusted by more Bassmasters Elite Series anglers than any other brand on the market, and for good reason too. Amphibia sunglasses are the only high-end sunglasses that are guaranteed to float, plus they are packed with a number of fishing-specific technologies that give anglers the upper hand. 

Built with a re-vamped profile, the Amphibia Exodus Sunglasses provide wearers with an incredibly comfortable, contouring fit. The new, more-streamlined frames of the Exodus Sunglasses will fit almost any face shape, and are ideal for a wide range of physical activities (fishing, of course, being the most important). Built with a high silicone rubber for maximized comfort and grip, the Amphibia Exodus Sunglasses eliminate facial fatigue and stay firmly attached to your face. And if the Amphibia Exodus Sunglasses should happen to slip off, you don’t have to worry because they float. For high-performance eyewear with unbeatable clarity, the choice is “clear” – Amphibia Exodus Sunglasses.

MHD Maxim Horizontal Displacement Technology – Light reflected from the water’s surface is horizontally polarized. Amphibia’s polycarbonate lenses were designed to maximize the horizontal displacement of the surface reflective light. Amphibia’s polarized lenses contain a special filter that also blocks intense reflective light, with maximum glare reduction.

AirCel Flotation Technology – Simply put Amphibia Sunglasses FLOAT. Never lose a pair of sunglasses in the water again.

Waterphobic Lens Technology – Amphibia's lenses are specifically designed to repel water and snow on both sides of the lens.

TiBridge Technology – Uses titanium alloy encased in high silicon rubber to provide a custom fit for your face, no matter the shape or size.

TR90 Construction – Amphibia frames use rugged TR-90 polymers for maximum durability. High silicone rubber is used to eliminate any slippage and provide a custom fit.

4 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Very good for brown stained water. In stained water with no wind there is almost no glare off of the water and I can see fish 25 ft away depending of how deep they are. If not being used on brown stained water they do not work nearly as well. One bad thing that I must say is that they lied when they said that these glasses fit any face, because I'm Chinese with a little nose and they don't fit quite properly but still comfortable enough. They are light and strong and I forget that they are on my face sometimes. Good glasses and good buy.

From: Stephen: Montreal, Canada

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