Angler Innovations Casting Rod Jacket - $20.99

Only available for Right-Hand Retrieve Reels

Whether you are a weekend angler or a more seasoned tournament angler, boater or non-boater, you can trust the Angler Innovations Rod Jacket to keep your rods and reels untangled and protected. Each Rod Jacket features a durable, one-piece Neoprene construction that covers your fully rigged rod and also fits snugly around your standard or low-profile casting reel. A Velcro closure ensures easy on-and-off, and when not in use, it folds compactly for easy storage. The Angler Innovation Rod Jacket - "the ultimate rod & reel cover."

-Lightweight All-Way Stretch Neoprene with Nylon Binding
-Outstanding Durability - flexes, bends, and will not tear
-Mold/Mildew-Resistant and Blocks Harmful UV Rays
-For use on both Freshwater and Saltwater Rod/Reel Combinations
-Rods will not Tangle
-Protects Rod Guides and Rod Tip
-Fits in Rod Lockers

Comments: This is one if the best things ever invented! I can carry more than one rod in my hand and don't have to worry about them getting tangled up!!!

From: Tony: Orlando, FL

Comments: Hands down the best way to protect your equipment. The neoprene works great and it looks good on the rod.  Great Customer service and look forward to new products in the future!

From: Chris: Orlando, FL

Comments: Solid and basically what I wanted as an alternative to reel covers and rod slicks.  My 7'2" F6 Orochi is great in the larger size.  My 7' dx702 fits but it is a lot of heavy material for an ML rod and it is "floppy" with the weight of the neoprene.  Huge improvement they could make...add a hanger like my rod slicks have!  I like hanging rods vertically and I will have to mod mine a bit.  Overall, a great idea and a good product for stouter rods.

Comments: The best rod jacket out there it protects everything. These are made to last !!! Buy it you won't regret it. I have four now. You will reccommend them to your buddies.

From: Steve: Waller, TX

Comments: I really like these rod jackets.  They do a great job in protecting your rods and reels.  Now I don't use my rod storage rack in my boat.  The only thing is the short size is really short.  A 6' 8" rods fits tight.  Order the 7'-7'6" size and protect your equipment.

From: Ron: Racket, MO

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Angler Innovations Casting Rod Jacket

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