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The Ardent Denny Brauer Casting Rods were designed by bass fishing legend, Denny Brauer, to cover a wide range of bass fishing techniques. Tested and refined on lakes like Falcon and Amistad, you can bet they have the power and backbone you need to land the biggest bass. The high modulus IM8 graphite blanks also furnish excellent sensitivity in addition to serious strength, and the premium Fuji Guides also allow you to make longer, more accurate casts. The Fuji Reel Seats provide a solid, lightweight base for your reels, and high-quality cork split grips reduce weight even further, balancing out each rod perfectly. Use the rods Denny Brauer relies on when he needs to put fish in the boat, the Ardent Denny Brauer Casting Rods deliver top-of-the-line performance from Ardent.

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  • Featuring high-grade 36-million Toray blanks and high quality components, the Ardent Edge Series Casting Rods have what it takes to give you an edge on the competition.

Customer Reviews

Comments: I've slowly switched all my rods to the Denny Brauer series rods over the past 18 months. Rods are Plenty sensitive, very durable & at under $100. Great value.

From: Tom: USA 2/2/16

Comments: These rods are made for big fish! I found them to be slightly stiffer than other rods with the same specs & that is something I like! I use the Medium for all my cranking & any topwater baits with treble hooks, I use the 7'4" Worm/Jig for all my light flipping applications & its amazing! I can't wait to order more of these rods to complete my set! These rods are the real deal!

From: Daniel: AR 1/19/16

Comments: A little heavier weight than the Ardent Edge series rods, causing a little quicker arm fatigue but you can't beat this rod if price is a concern. Has held up for an entire year with no problems. Line guides & grips held up extremely well. Plenty of backbone to pull through a lot of weeds and grass. The lure hook is not in the best location. it is protected from being damaged when putting the rod on the deck, dock, or storing but doesn't keep the lure away from getting tangled the bottom of a rod sock if you use them. Edge lure keeper is in a better location, between the two handles.

From: Sean: Jackson, NJ 1/4/16

Comments: Got the Flip & Pitch as my first flipping stick and I am definitely happy with this purchase. IM8 blank is very sensitive and I really like the deep blue finish of the blank. Not the lightest flipping stick out there, but it does feel balanced with my Lews Tournament Pro SS. Been using it religiously along the CA delta and I have had no issues hauling bass out of the thick weeds and muck. Cork on the grip feels surprisingly nice for this price. Looking for a great

From: Richard: Dublin, CA 4/14/14

Comments: I started with the worm/jig rod, it has excellant backbone and feel. I like it so much i'm swithing all my rods to Denny Brauer Ardent rods. You are not gonna find a better rod for the money

From: Mike: TX

Comments: I just got the 7' 5" pitching model and for the money this thing is awesome. It's got good back bone and the perfect tip for making long pitches which is what I was looking for. This rod is extremely light, lighter than some 7' rods I own! Only gripe is there was a little made in china sticker on the butt cap! So not sure what's american made? The blank perhaps?

From: Jerry: Belton, TX

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