The Ardent Edge Elite Casting Reel is the top-of-the-line reel in the Ardent Edge Series, offering premium American-made performance and Ardent’s latest reel technologies. Twelve ABEC stainless steel ball bearings produce incredibly smooth retrieves and super long casting capabilities, while a Helical Aircraft-grade Aluminum Drive Gear offers more reliable functioning and helps generate the reel’s lightning fast gear ratios of 6.5:1 and 7.2:1. A line indicator at the center of the handle also helps you keep track of what size line is on the reel, and the reel's stylish carbon fiber finish won't chip or fade either.

The Elite's super smooth Carbon/Smoothie Double Drag System even features a patent-pending "Drag Tracking Technology" system, which allows the levelwind eyelet to track parallel with the line location on the spool as line is being pulled from the reel in drag mode. This greatly reduces the chance of line breaks by eliminating the sharp angles caused by the levelwind eyelet being out of sync with the line location on the spool. One of the finest reels Ardent has ever produced, the Ardent Edge Elite Casting Reel offers tournament caliber features and components - and it's made right here in the USA.

Additional Features:

-7075-T6 Aluminum Triple Bearing Spool
-Power Carbon Fiber Handle
-Instant Anti-Reverse Bearing
-6-pin Centrifugal Brake System
-Backed by a 3-Year Warranty

Model Options

Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Cap. (Test/Yd.) Stock Price Qty

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I have the Ardent Edge Elite and after 11 months, the line guide cracked and would retrieve the line all on one side. Overall,this is a good reel,casts well,and very smooth. The line guide is cheply made. I have bought 2 of these, but not another.

From: Dwayne: New Ellenton, SC 3/11/14

Comments: I got one of these for winning a small local tournament. I thought "cool this is American made" but after using it reminds of why GM had to be bailed out.  This reel is not in the quality range of some of the $90 reels I own.  Forget trying to get Ardent to help out with giving me a replacement, too.

From: Ken: Maitland, FL

Comments: I purchased this reel as my "go to" reel, and paired it with a Fishing 13 Fishing Envy rod.  If fishing were a fashion contest, this combo would win hands down.  The rod is great.  The reel however, it has some issues.  The weight system that opens on the side doesn't close entirely after you use it, so the line with a full spool will constantly get stuck in there and cause backlash issues.  I bought this reel specifically because I thought it was the best reel that was made in the USA.  It may be the most expensive reel that is made in the USA, but it is far from the best.   My 80 buck Shimano I had to buy in a pinch at a Walmart when I didn't have a combo in BFE outperforms this reel, sad, but true.  I'm online buying a different reel now from TW, but can't decide which brand...it won't be an ardent though.  I wish I wasn't saying that, but oh well.

From: Brian: Valley, AL US

Comments: I have owned bait casting reels since 1983 and have witnessed the total evolution of these reels to present date. Bought the ardent XS1000 for casting distance so therefore when using it I am casting something as far as I can throw it. (crank baits, rattle traps, etc.)I had a couple of small problems just like every reel after hard use. Bought the Edge Elite and it WON'T cast a long distance. BUT it brings back fond childhood memories because when I am winding it in it sounds exactly like my old Zebco 404.....plastic gears and everything! I guess it was worth the $300 buck for a trip down memory lane but very disappointing!

From: Dan: Macomb, IL

Comments: This reel is super smooth, cast a country mile and the dtt is awesome but it has fake carbon fiber no metal in the line guide and is not a matal frame doo not buy get.shimano chronarch

Comments: FIRST: BEFORE YOU BUY AN ARDENT, CHECK ONE OUT IN PERSON. I doubt you'll buy it. But...Take my review with a "grain of salt" because I don't personally own an Ardent but it's with good reason. My main fishing buddy had (HAD) two and another guy in my tournament trail had one or two or a few and they all hated them. I tried my buddy's many times and from the first time you put it in your hand you know it's not impressive. It looks cheap, the components (handle, handle grips, star drag, spool...levelwind...everything) are cheap. When holding this 320$ reel if you didn't tell me the MSRP I would honestly guess it was an 80-100$ reel TOPS and that's only because it has a carbon fiber handle. Ardent prides itself on the "Made in USA" mantra but instead just makes it glaringly evident how dependent fishing equipment is to outsourcing overseas...especially reels IMO... The reel you can make for 250$ in USA can be made for 100$ overseas. My lowest end reel, Shimano Caenan, far outperforms this reel IMO...and that's an $80.00-90.00 reel. Unless your "Bleeding Red, White, and Blue" Allegiance FAR outweighs your desire for performance, and a quality product---BUY SHIMANO, Lew's, or Abu Garcia. It's hard to go wrong with any of their mid-to-high range reels!

Comments: won this at a club....dont like it at all...feels nice  n tight but good god is it ugly,the fake cheap painted on cardon fiber look...well they over did it on this,i could see some carbon fib. Accents but the whole thing? If you want ti make a carbon fiber lookn reel ardent then how about use REAL ACTUAL carbon fiber? Then atleast this ugly ducklin would be craaazy lite.i tried to like this reel but it didnt do it for me,ardent is one of those companies that seems to lack/be a few steps behind all the other companies/manuf. Out there...good try ardent,epic fail.back to the drawing board...anyone wanna trade?? Ill give u this turd for any lews?

From: Steveo

Comments: I got this reel for xmas, loved it out of the box but after a half day of fishing the line guide what all our up and so was the part above that, i will give it credit it was super smooth and cast a country mile, but the line guide is all plastic

Comments: Comments:Dave & Dale may just be suffering from "lazy thumb syndrome".  My Ardent casts a country mile with no backlash if I make certain to control the spool with my thumb.

From: Greg: Taylor Mill, KY

Comments: We have 2 of these beautiful reels in our boat. Both had the same problem out of the box. We could not adjust the spool drag tight enough to stop backlash. We tried e-mail to Ardent with no resolve to the problem. I ended up removing the cap & installed a plasic washer cut with a paper punch from a milk jug to make the reals work. I have fished with bait casters for many years & never had a problem like this. A $300 + reel should have no problems. I am not impressed with this product & will not by an Ardent reel out of my own pocket again. Both of these reels were birthday gifts & my wife was devistated there was a problem with them.

From: Dave: Nucla, CO

Comments: Not Impressed with this reel. I watch Ardents Bass Battles which spawned me to buy this reel. I also bought an F700 which is great so far. I took off the side plate of the Elite to adjust the magnets and the cover would never fit right and the magnets wouldnt engage. I returned it to TW for a full and prompt refund. Thanks TW. Im going to buy 2 more LEWS T-Pro reels. I love that reel.

From: Dale: Summerfield, FL

Comments: I love my Ardent Reels and I am sure this one will be just as awesome, I can't wait to try it out , still winter here :( ...I am a lady co - angler and if you are going to fish with the big guys you need some kind of an edge out of the back of the boat. The reels fit my hands great . The only thing between you and the fish is your Rod, ReeL and Line so you need to come prepared, these guys are not foolin around when it comes to fishing . I can not say enough good things about Ardent Reels.

From: Trudy: Lost Creek, WV

Comments: Art is totally right, Daiwa had the same thing 15 years ago on the TD-X103 HVA. The level wind disengages when casting like all Low-pro reels and then while  retrieving the level wind will back up when drag is pulled out allowing for the level wind to always match where the line is on the spool. Daiwas later model TD-X like the HSD and HSDF do not do that but on the early model TD-X reels like the HVA it did that and many earlier Daiwa Low-Pro reels did the same thing. Abu 4600 round reels and larger do the same thing.. Most wide spool round reels do it because the spool is so wide that big time angles can happen when drag is pulled out when the line is at one side and the level wind at the other and that will cause drag pres to spike and could lead to a break off. Ardent is the first to MARKET it but Daiwa is who started it in low profile reels and soon understood it was pointless on spools that arent wide and the angles can be very much so it was really pointless and stopped it on on the TD-X 100,103,105 HSD and all low-pro reels after. 

From: Wicked Reelz

Comments: Ardent isn't the first company to offer "drag tracking technology"; they're just the first company to call it that.  It's nothing more than a non-disengaging levelwind.  Shimano has had that on their larger round reels for years.  Ardent might be the first to put that to use on smaller reels, which is great; but the "technology" isn't anything new or original.  Just sayin'!

From: Art: Sac

Comments: Well my order of Ardent Edge Elites lefty's arrived yesterday. As I've mentioned before, I'm making the switch over to Ardent from Quantum. My reason for doing this was due to I felt from what I read and heard, Ardent made a great product. Well I was wrong... Ardent makes a superior product! I don't know how to explain it other than to say they feel and handle like a sports car, but they're built like a tank. Does that make sense? When you're holding them in your hand you can feel the quality. It doesn't feel like your holding a cheap piece of plastic. The carbon fiber finish of the Elites is gorgeous! I tested the drag tracking technology and it's flawless. Extremely smooth and you can kiss line kinks goodbye! Friction from drag being pulled through the guide is virtually eliminated. There is no doubt in my mind we'll see other brands trying to imitate this technology. I love the low profile design of the reel as well... it fits great in your hands. And last but not least..... They cast a MILE!

From: Jake: Wichita Falls, TX

Comments:  I call this reel the Alabama Rig special. The Drag Tracking Technology has gotten a lot of use catching big bass on this rig! Get one and use it and you'll be putting in an order for more!

From: Josh: Columbia, TN

Comments:  This reel is flat out the best out there. It casts a country mile, it's really a solid reel, super smooth, light weigh. 13 bearings. The carbon fiber dip is a nice touch and the DTT is pretty darn cool! I own a few of the Ardent Edge Elites and I could not be any happier

From: Kevin: Valencia, CA

Comments: I continue to buy the Ardent reel do to its performance.  I can de-spool the reel with a 3/4oz jig 9 out of 10 cast.

From: Greg: Monroe City, MO

Comments: incredible reel. Casts a mile, super smooth , great drag. The drag tracking technology gives this reel a important advantage. The line # dial is a smart addition to a reel. This reel feels much more solid than my xs1000. The reel also looks awesome. This reel isnt as light as a abu MGX or Quantum exo but so seems to be made smarter.

From: Ed: Grayslake, IL

Comments: i am a quantum guy and have no idea how this reel preforms but i will say it looks sick

From: TN

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