Denny Brauer, the king of flipping and pitching, teamed up with Ardent to create the new and improved F700 Denny Brauer Signature Flip-N-Pitch Reel. Designed to Brauer's exacting specifications, the Ardent F-700 features some key upgrades and refinements over the original F500 Flip-N-Pitch. For one, it now has the added benefit of a Flipping Switch. When the Flipping Switch is set to the "on" position, it allows the angler to simply lift their thumb off the thumb bar to re-engage the reel for quick one-handed hooksets. Ardent and Brauer also added two (2) additional Ball Bearings, bringing the reel's total count to seven (7) Ball Bearings and greatly improving the reel's smooth functioning.

The Ardent F700 Denny Brauer Signature Flip-N-Pitch Reel still possesses the characteristic Stationary Ceramic Line Eye and Narrow Spool Construction that sets it apart from other reels on the market. This unique configuration is designed to give it a performance edge over the standard casting reel construction by reducing friction and providing a higher level of control when flipping and pitching shorter distances. Working in conjunction, the F700's 6-pin Centrifugal Brake System (accessed via the non-handle side cover) provides the cast control necessary to accommodate changing conditions, bait sizes, etc., allowing anglers to consistently make perfectly placed casts into cover. Once a fish is on, the Perma-Lock Drag, factory set at a hefty 22 lbs. of max drag, delivers the muscle to wrestle those lunkers out of the bushes. The solid Aluminum Frame and Side Covers also provide a rigid base of operations for the reel and the robust Stainless Steel Handle delivers maximum winding leverage. Definitely in a class of its own, each Ardent F700 Denny Brauer Signature Flipping Reel is hand assembled and performance tested in the USA to provide anglers with a top quality, technique-specific reel designed to excel at flipping and pitching.

  • Backed by a 3-year Warranty.
  • Made in the USA by a 100% American-owned company.

Reel Specs
Bearings: 7BB,1RB
Line Cap: 14/100, 17/80, 20/65

Model Options

Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Cap. (Test/Yd.) Stock Price Qty
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Customer Reviews

Comments: I have two of these, and nether works as well as I expected. Both pretty much have the same issues. The thumb bar doesnt depress completely to release the spool unless you really squeeze down on it. After a few casts my thumb is bloodless white and sore. Its also very loud, like the gears are grinding on the release, resulting in short casts. Ive had mine for about 4 years now. 

From: Big John: NY 10/22/15

Comments: this is a great reel for flipping!! Only downfall is its a little noisy and sounds like rattiling internally.  Other than that, couldn't ask for a better flipping reel!

From: Logan: Hot Springs, Arkansas, U.S

Comments: i am a team member have 2 of these and hate them both have broke twice in a year along with my xs 1000 spinning reels and even the new edge reels. 

Comments: Don't own one of these instead I own a U.S. Reels Supercaster 1000. Granted T.W. doesn't stock this brand, but people if you're going to flip, pitch, punch and or otherwise horse heavy bass from  heavy cover with an extra heavy rod, you will need one of these reels. No level wind, instead an angle bar that offers no line resistance at all. Its just you, the braided line, the beefed up rod, and the reel with no give in it. I've got my rig paired with an Okuma Cedros Inshore trigger rod that I like to use for punch work. I just plain got tired of the so called extra heavy bass rods that seemed to be limited to 30lbs. test lines so I went salt water rod simply because salt water fish pound for pound are so much more powerful. Now no fresh water largemouth no matter the size is a problem.

From: L.J.: Sacramento, CA

Comments: Purchased 2 of these reels.  Trouble with both of them.  Sent one back to ardent - thumb bar would not engage properly - had to manually engage.  Flipping switch was difficult to switch but would move enough to effect the casting.  Adrent sent it back with no explaination and still had the same problem. 

From: Jane: Palm City, FL

Comments: This is the reel I bought and learned how to flip/pitch. I love this reel I also swim a jig on it and can get the bass i catch out of trees and weeds. This is a great reel and is like having a winch on your rod. I have it with a skeet reese flip and pitch rod and it is the combo that works for me. I have 20 lbs. vicious fluorocarbon and it just works. I have also caught a cat fish or two on this and it is cheating. If you are thinking about buying this do it because with the three year warranty and made in THE U.S.A 

From: Grant: Auburn, AL

Comments: We flip a lot in Florida's hydrilla mats and this reel is a MONSTER!!!!  Very smooth and a ton and a half of GUTS!!!!

From: Mike: Jacksonville, FL

Comments: started flipping/pitching alot more the last 3 years and wasn't sure about this reel due to some of the reviews but really wanted one to try...finally gave in and bought one and it is PERFECT for the job...not sure y some people give it bad reviews, I've fished alot of "high end" reels and this is a quality reel that out performs any other reel I've used for the technique...allows precise one-handed pitches, drag is second to none, very smooth...have it seated on an E21 Gold Carrot Stix 7'8" Heavy Action and it's the perfect combo for most heavy cover situations...if you're looking for a reel built for flipping/pitching, look no won't find a btter one.

From: Patrick: Scranton, PA

Comments: i bought one of these reels a few months ago the are very good for a quiet precise pitch however i did have some problems with the reel backlashing a bit and sometimes the spools button will stick which is no fun when you are snagged with 20lb flurocarbon in a moving boat...

From: Andrew: Canton, OH


From: Ralf: South Florida

Comments: I saw one of these at bass pro shops. It was completely falling apart. The front piece with the line guide in it was falling off, the spool release was broken and didn't function what-so-ever. Aside from all that it felt cheap.

From: CC: Indiana, USA

Comments: when are they going to make a flipping reel for lefties....cmon now..really. you don't have to make a lot of them but are we being segregated because we are the perfect people.

From: Phil: Crystal River, FL

Comments: I bought this reel and spooled it with 50lb powerpro with a 17lb fluoro leader.  I bought this to help me learn how to flip n pitch because I am new to fishing.  Why not go for a real specifically built for that purchase right?  When I got the reel, the flippin switch didn't work right out of the box and I had to send it back to Ardent.  I received again within a week however the switch is not as smooth as some of my other reels with this feature.  However I must say that the control this reel gives over jigs and texas rigged plastics is amazing.  The metal inset allows you to thumb in a much easier way than over line like other reels (I also pitch with my curado which has a wide spool and is easy to use).  Overall, this reel is heavy but built like a tank and does it's job to a T.  You save money by spooling less line and you can pitch a mile with it.  The locked drag is amazing as it has NO give to it whatsoever. 

From: Grant: Wappingers Falls, NY

Comments: This reel does exactly what it is suppose to do and built like a tank. It doesn't give a inch to a fish. If you are flipping and pitching this thing is perfect.

From: Ed: Grayslake, IL

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