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Ardent Line Butter Conditioner is the next generation in line management and protection. Engineered to maximize line performance and castability for all types of line - monofilament, braid and fluorocarbon - it conditions your line to improve casting distance, minimize line memory and twist, protect from UV light and water minerals, and also reduce backlashes.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I am use to using KVD line and lure, do to running out and it being sold out at my local tackle store I gave Ardent a try.  I soaked my spools down the night before like with KVD's, but not too much.  The first cast I made that morning I felt like a bottle of vegetable oil exploded in my face.  There isn't an amount small enough of this product you can use that wont keep it from happening.  I think this product was more of a friction reducer than a line conditioner.


Comments: Junk. It's oily and heavy. It reduced my pitching and casting distance as compared to both KVD and no conditioner. Junk.

From: Dale: Atlanta, GA

Comments: It does work but as others have stated its greasy/oily.I"ll stick with KVD,it's biodegradable .

From: Tony: West Chester, PA

Comments: I've never reviewed a product before.  But felt it was my duty to warn people how awful this stuff is compared to the KVD line conditioner.  Just like the others have said, very oily and hard to hold onto your reel after using.

From: Pulin: Bristol, CT

Comments: This stuff is so oily that I almost dropped my rod in the water.  Was expecting something similar to KVD spray.  This is just silicone oil.

From: Shrewsbury, MA

Comments: It might work, but the few times ive used it its had a Super oily content.. Got my hands and grips alll oily and slick. Was really bummed. KVD Line Conditioner

From: Lake Texoma, TX

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