Ardent Rigger Tool - $9.99

The Ardent Rigger Tool is the ultimate utility tool for any angler. Built by anglers for anglers, this ergonomically engineered and ruggedly tough multi-tool includes a lanyard and belt clip for easy handling, along with these five essential fishing tools:

-Line Clippers
-Line Cutter
-Hook Sharpener
-Jig Eye Cleaner
-Line Threader

Comments: Great idea, but very poor execution. Bought this hoping to have a small and handy tool for little tasks without needing to go looking for pliers, etc. It has all the features that I was hoping for but they hardly work due to the weak construction. Terrible quality for a $10 tool - very disappointed.

From: Matt: Elk Grove Village, IL 9/24/14

Comments: I got this for my birthday in December and thought it would be great. I finally got to use it and the clippers worked fine, but that's it. The first time I used the line cutter on braid it broke. Then the handle for the clippers broke off. Save your miner and get a good pair of pliers with a braid cutter on em or a multi tool. I expected more for 10$.

From: Bryce: USA 6/13/14

Comments: Cool idea. I like mine a lot, but for ten dollars, it really has a bad quality to price ratio. It should be a 4 or 5 dollar tool. This tool works great, but it is all plastic. A big improvement would be making it all metal. All the features work pretty well, but it feels cheap in your hand. I am going to have to give it a 3 out of 5 stars.

From: Jack: Minnesota 

Comments: broke first time i used clippers-garbage

From: Scott: Petaluma, CA

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Ardent Rigger Tool

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