Ardent Smart Cull 6

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No more markers or charts to lose or replace. No more reweighing or extra handling - stressing out the fish. The Ardent SmartCull Pro Culling System is the first-of-its-kind and what every tournament angler has been waiting for.

The two-stage system in the Ardent Smart Cull allows you to cull by color and weight, making culling quick and simple for once. A series of six highly buoyant, impact resistant balls equipped with a durable clip and cable keep things manageable. Each culling ball is a different color for quick selection and also features large, easy-to-read Locking Pound & Ounce Selectors (up to 15 lbs, 15 oz.). The Ardent Smart Cull 6 is compatible with livewell additives and ready to go when the tournament's on.


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Customer Reviews

Comments: great concept. too much money for something that really doesn't work that well. they come apart in livewells & mine are 2 years old and i have 4 that still work

From: Matt: Wareham, MA 10/29/15

Comments: I would not buy these cull tags. The weight dial will change if the fish crashes around in the live well and they get tangled up really bad.

From: Matt: Moweaqua, IL 8/22/14

Comments: I've been using the Ardent Smart Cull for about 4 years now, I still have 5 of the original six left, the weight dial kept popping out of one that I no longer have, I do believe it was accidentally stepped on by my fishing partner, at least thats what I'm blaming it on! Love these things they still float and you can still read all of the numbers really well.

From: Tony: Cherokee, NC 7/21/14

Comments: I've been using the Ardent Smart Cull System year-round for over 5 years now.  I fish brackish water frequently, and have no issues with corrosion.  The livewell additive I use in warm months gave them a bit of a green tinge, but it is very faint, and I haven't tried to bleach them or anything like that.  The weights stay put, I weigh them once, and they all float high, so I can easily grab them for culling or weigh-in.  It is entirely possible that Ardent has changed the materials or design since their introduction, but I am 100% satisfied with mine!!!

From: Jim: Moncks Corner, S.C.

Comments: Buyer beware! I have lost money in tournaments because the weights you dial-in CAN CHANGE when fish thrash around in the livewell and bump the balls around.  I have personally seen it happen twice and have 2 friends who have had it happen as well.  It's a great concept, but don't rely on the weight you dial in to never change.  It may not happen often, but it is possible and can potentially cost you $$ in a tournament.

From: Matt: MN

Comments: Got a set of these when Ardent sponsored our collegiate fishing team 4 years ago. Best culling system there is. Haven't had any try to sink or lock up. Only problem I've had is the cable rusting and breaking, but like I said I've had them 4 years and use them ALOT. I've recrimped them and they still work just fine great product Ardent.

From: Will: AL

Comments: There ABSOLUTELY isn't a better, easier, smarter, more innovative culling system out there, PERIOD. So simple, yet so genius...Forget corresponding colors to a chart, forget grease boards or notebooks...simple hook one to the fish, dial in pounds and ounces RIGHT ON the float and ur done...then when it's time to cull (hopefully several times) you do not have to go to any greaseboard or chart and find out which color to cull...u simply open up ur livewell/aerated cooler for small boat tourneys :) and find the lightest weight by reading it right off the float...Just a GENIUS design and I am surprised nobody has thought of it sooner. They can be a bit large (the floats) and the clip is great and sturdy but do not slip it thru the gill...I reccomending popping it thru the skin on the top lip just behind the jawbone. Stresses them much less and allows them to swim/sit upright. I did not have any problems whatsoever with over-stressing fish/fish dying and some of the times that I used this system were in "small boat-small water" tournaments, in 95-100 degree weather,  where we were using aerated coolers w/ much smaller capacity than bass boat live wells.

From: Tanner: S.E., Massachusetts

Comments: I'm still using the same set that I bought almost two years ago and have had no issues with them sinking in the livewell or locking up. To my amazement, the numbers sticker has not came off either. This is great invention and I would recomend it to all tournament anglers.

From: Kevin: Burleson, TX

Comments: After the first year I have 4 that work.  (1) came apart and the other, the locking mechanism on the numbers does work, so it won't hold the weight number.  Ardent needs to stand behind their product.

From: Richard: Belton, MO

Comments: Good idea but bad design.  The balls will not float, they fill with water.  During culling you spend time trying to find the cull balls on the bottom of your livewell.

From: Shawn: OK

Comments: A must have if you are a tournament fisherman.  Quick, easy, and will save you a lot of time.  Well worth the money.

From: Says: Kent, WA

Comments: Comments:These things are fantastic. Quick and easy. No more writing weights down, looking for the board, looking for the grease pencil, etc. You can't go wrong with the Ardent Smart Culls.

From: Jon: Hollis Center, ME

Comments: I have been using the Ardent Smart Cull system for almost a whole year. I love using the system in tournament fishing. It makes the process of culling so simple and quick! I have already had four of my friends buy the system after I showed it to them.

From: Tim: Camden, TN

Comments: Best thing since sliced bread. No more grease pencils or trying to write on a wet board etc. just look in the live well and grab the lightest ball.

From: Gary: Texas

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