The XS1000 Casting Reel is the top-of-the-line reel from Ardent - the only manufacturer of casting and spinning reels in the U.S.A. Ardent has been around for a relatively short time but many pros and amateurs have already chosen to use Ardent reels, including Alton Jones when he won the 2008 Bassmasters Classic. Ardent was founded on the principle of creating high performance fishing reels that can endure the test of time. Precision engineered and designed in Macon, Missouri, the durability built into the XS1000 will make it last trip after trip.

The XS1000 features a lightweight Magnesium Alloy Frame and an excellent ergonomic design for comfortable fishing. Ardent specifically designed the XS1000 for greater casting distance and maximum backlash resistance, aided in part by the 6-pin Centrifugal Brake System. The 10 ABEC-5 Ball Bearings ensure every retrieve is fast and free flowing. And the Strike Saver Drag System helps considerably when pulling fish, staying smooth and consistent throughout the entire range.

Every reel is hand assembled and performance tested in the U.S. prior to shipment and backed by a solid 3-year warranty. Sporting the prestigious seal of approval from the North American Fishing Club, it is also the official reel of the American Bass Anglers - the largest bass tournament organization in the US.

Reel Specs
Bearings: 10BB,1RB
Line Cap: 8/225, 10/200, 12/175
Bearings: 10BB,1RB
Line Cap: 8/180, 10/150, 12/120

Model Options

Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Cap. (Test/Yd.) Stock Price Qty

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I've personally bought 2 of these @ $110 clearance.  One came with a malfunction right out of the box.  I personally met the Ardent rep and he told me he would have it fixed ( the worm gear stuck noticeably on the handle end).  I received it back in the mail with absolutely nothing done to correct the issue.  Guess they think this is acceptable at Ardent.  Not even worth it at $110.  To think they got it at $269 retail is laughable.  Good luck if you purchase one of these!  I have had 3 total; I've had problems with 2!!!

From: John: St. Louis, MO

Comments: Great reel only flaw is the drag system . Cast a mile great jerkbait reel.

From: Sam: USA

Comments: feels like a chunk of plastic in the hand. Hollow,and im not talking light just doesnt feel like a top shelf Daiwa or Shimano. And to the guy who dissed TT,y ou are nuts if you think it rated low cuz it was made in the US. They rate many American products highly. Its just that, when it comes to reels...Japan has us beat. This reel will only impress those not in the know. Mediocre at best!

From: Jack: USA

Comments: After owning this reel for 3 yrs now it stands up better outcast out performs any other reel on the market and ive owned everthing including a diawa steez. Had to send it back under warranty (it broke because it was my fault while cleaning) and they stood behind everything There easy to take apart and clean which is a plus. Overall great reel and recomend to anyone. Waiting to buy the lower profile and see how it does.

From: NC

Comments: I am anxiously awaiting availability of the new Edge line by Ardent but am confident that other than a slightly  lower profile and new drag tracking technology I can't believe that they will be any better than the Ardent XS 1000.  I recently purchased (3) of them and can say that they are head and shoulders above the Abu Revo Winch or Shimano Curado that turned out to be disposable reels for me after a couple of seasons.  I was reluctant to buy the XS 1000's after reading a review by tackle tour but came to the realization that anything that is not manufactured in Japan or Korea will not rate well in their reviews.  Their comment that at 7.9oz Ardent should have eliminated some bearings to reduce weight is probably the dumbest statement I have ever read.  The XS consistantly produces a longer cast in all lure weight ranges than the Abu and Shimano reels, it is smoother and has a more even drag.  This is an outstanding reel completely made in the good old USA.  Too bad tackle tour choose not to tell the truth about this fine reel.  The 1000.5-A models that I bought have been revised and the pitch brakes are easy to access and adjust.  Unlike other reels the side plate swings open but remains attached to the reel so you can't flip it overboard like a Revo or Curado.  If you can still find one of these gems you will be highly impressed and pleased.

From: DSW: Glendale, AZ

Comments: I have two XS1000 Reels and they are very smooth, easy casting, light weight (lighter than listed), and the attention to detail is awesome. Ardent's customer service is top notch also. 3 year warrantee, it's a solid buy for an magnesium reel.    

From: Eugene: Wheeling, IL

Comments: Best casting reel without a doubt if you have never casted one you need to get your hands on one and if you set it up right it will throw better than any reel on the market I now own 3 xs1000, 3 xs600, and a F700 and I will never use anything else.

From: Taylor: Valdosta, GA

Comments: At $250, there are some serious competitions to consider; i.e. Revo PRM, Zillions, Chronarch, Patriarch XT, Quantum TE... I have used my Ardent for about a year, it cast extremely well and reeling feels smooth, but it just doesn't feel like its all there. Maybe I'm nitpicking, but the thumb bar feels cheap and loose, the drag star does not turn fluidly (and the drag is not all so smooth), and adjusting the brake system is sometime a b***h because of the cage. IMO, if you have smaller hands, this reel is a little to wide and sits to high.  Also to consider is, do you really need all that line capacity? Buy American? North, Central, or South? Its kind of like buying an over priced Cadillac with the cheap plastic interior when you could of gotten a nice Lexus or Benz for the same price :D

From: Kerr: Kentucky, USA

Comments: This reel is awesome! It casts incredibly, very smooth on the retrieve, and backlash free. Fished it for a while, did a full strip down to clean/supertune it, and now it is unbelievable! It casts incredibly, very smooth on the retrieve, and backlash free. PS Its insides are very well built and even all the small parts in it are USA made... plates, bearings, lube, even the supplied allen wrench!

From: Trevor: Ocean City, MD

Comments: "I bought one of this XS1000 two weeks ago and took it out for a test, and was I impressed with it!
This reel does not have the free spooling I get from a shimano but it casts as good as them. I own a large amount of shimanos from curado 100d, chronarchs, core 50mg's and calais and this thing is very close to the top end shimanos I own. I am really impressed and happy with my reel. Job well done for Ardent. The only gripe is the set up for the centrifugal brake is very hard to work with, other than that is a great buy and hope it stands to good use like my shimanos have!"

From: Pedro: Trenton, NJ

Comments:Well I did it! Sold that zillion, for 190$! Ordered this reel, along with G.Loomis MossyBack BCR853, and some 12lb p-line CXX clear. When I got (came in the mail June 3rd, Thu), took it out of the box and WOW! Seems a bit lighter than it advertised (8.7) put it on the scale, and it said 7.9. That's good! Mounted it on my new rod, and wow! The balance was great. Very lightly tip heavy. Took my line out, spooled it up! When I was doing this noticed how amazingly smooth this reel was! I thought the XS600 was smooth, and it is, but this thing takes the cake!! Tested out the balance with line on the reel. PERFECT! Perfect balance I tell you! This reel is well worth the extra money over the XS600! A better drag, smoother casts, and retrieves. I will be switching all me reels over to Ardents, can't wait! :)

From:Ron: Jupiter, FL

Comments:The Ardent XS 1000 is a terrific reel overall. Positives it casts well, made solid, good drag and gearing, and best of all built in USA. Already want another one. Negatives- side plate only has one slide holding it shut.

From:Ed: Grayslake, IL

Comments:I have two Ardent 1000's and three older style Shimano Chronarch's. Both are very well made reels and both cast beautifully. Consequently there is very little to choose between them. The Ardents are a slightly flatter shaped design and might be more comfortable for smaller hands...The adjustment side of the Ardent reel opens with a small catch that allows the side plate to pop-up and swing out of the way. The Shimano uses a flip-up screw mechanism to release the side plate, which swings out of the way too. The Ardent system is faster and handy, but because the plate is only secured by the catch, it doesn't feel quite a solid as the Shimano screw down system. In both cases the side plate are attached to the frame and can't fall off. I find myself reaching for the Ardent's most of the time, so I would recommend them to anyone. This is just a small thing that, given the opportunity, I would change.

From:Garry: Yuma, AZ

Comments:I am a "buy American" type of person who is looking for a quality reel made in the USA. I have yet to hold a Ardent baitcaster in my hands however I have held their spinning reels which are less than impressive. I have been in every tackle shop in the area and cannot find Ardent bait casters. Beacause their spinning reels have left me concerned, I am hesitant to order a baitcaster online.

From:Jeff Normandy Park, WA

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