Featuring a tapering tail that delivers a tantalizing action on a drop shot rig, the Attraxx Dropshot Shad also has a compact yet meaty, ribbed body with a hook slot for easy rigging. Each Dropshot Shad is loaded with Attraxx Sci-X formula - one of the most advanced feeding stimulants known to science. Dr. John Caprio, one of the world’s leading experts in the science of feeding behavior, discovered the specific compounds in Sci-X “hyper-stimulate” the nose and taste buds in fish, causing them to bite and not let go - like a reflex. It also works without the need for messy creams, pastes, sprays or liquid buckets - and the baits don't dry out either. Specially engineered to simulate the action, appearance and scent trail of live bait, the Attraxx Drop Shot Shad is available in a variety of colors.

Length Quantity
4" 9

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: Looks like the Gene Larew Biffle-O, but without an in body cavity. This is a little cheaper though. I wonder how the tail movement compares.

From: GF: AZ

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