The Attraxx Jacobug was designed by top FLW Tour professional angler, Jacob Powroznik. He took the best features of several different baits and pieced them together to create exactly what he wanted in a flip bait.

As soon as it hit the water, he knew it was going to be a good design - on his first cast at lake Champlain he caught a 3-pounder, and at the 2011 FLW Open on Okeechobee, he used it to catch 95lbs over four days. Its claws curve inward, and its two arms extending from its head flicker and control the fall of the bait, allowing it to fall straight to the bottom without veering off to the right or the left. Available in several proven colors and loaded with SCI-X feeding stimulants for added fish attraction, the Attraxx Jacobug is also a great choice on a Carolina-rig or as a jig trailer - in addition to being a killer flip bait.

"With SCI-X in the Jacobug, it's going to be awesome and put a lot of fish in livewells. When a fish bites into a bait with SCI-X feeding stimulants, it holds onto the bait longer." - Jacob Powroznik, FLW pro angler.

Length Quantity
4" 7

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: produced fish! its not too big but has great action! now one of my go to baits

From: Simone: Nutley, NJ

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