One of the most popular soft plastic bait designs ever - the stick bait - just got better. The Attraxx Myz-Stick offers the do-nothing action of a stick bait - combined with the power and fish attraction of Attraxx Sci-X Feeding Stimulants. A special mixture of compounds proven to “hyper-stimulate” the nose and taste buds in fish, Attraxx Sci-X even entices fish to feed when they’re not hungry. It also works without the headache of messy creams, pastes, sprays or liquid buckets - and the baits won't dry out either. Specially engineered to simulate the action, appearance and scent trail of live bait, the Attraxx Myz-Stick is available in a variety of colors.

Length Quantity
5" 6

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: Attraxx Myz-Stick awsome bait got my limit in 20 min and one worm lost you for long time.Goot staff will buy more of Attraxx brand!!!

From: Seattle, WA

Comments: Attraxx Myz-Stick are the best senko style baits I have ever used. These baits will increase the amount of fish you put in the boat guaranteed!!! I was amazed at how long these fish hold onto these baits!!! They won't let go it's incredible. The baits overall hold together very well, and can catch tons of fish with just one bait. The  fish go loco ( crazy) over the Attraxx Sci-X Feeding Stimulants in these baits!! The new Attraxx baits outperformed any other bait on the market. Give these baits a try and you will be catching lots of fish and winning tournaments. 

From: Tim: Slippery Rock, PA

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