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Veteran FLW Tour pro, Randall Tharp, came up with the Attraxx Predator Craw after several years of trying different baits, and just not being satisfied with what he found. He designed the Predator Craw to work with a big weight, a straight-shank flipping hook and big line. He also wanted it to be compact, so it would come through cover easily, but still have a big profile and a lot of action to get a bass’ attention from a distance. Also loaded with SCI-X feeding attractant, which activates nerve centers in a fish’s brain telling it to eat, the Attraxx Predator Craw is available in several proven colors to target a variety of conditions.

"I've been thinking about designing such a bait for about five years. Nobody else had the perfect flipping bait. Some have the right action, but they are not the right design. Some don’t fit well with hooks so I designed a bait around my favorite hook and weight. It will work with a 3/0 to 5/0 straight shank flipping hook, but a 4/0 fits it perfectly." - Randall Tharp, FLW pro bass angler.

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