Offering an action and profile unlike standard straight tail worms, the Attraxx Speed Fry is a great choice for finessing finicky fish to bite.  It’s also loaded with Attraxx Sci-X Feeding Stimulant formula is the most advanced feeding stimulants known to science. So powerful that it makes fish bite even when they’re not hungry, Sci-X Feeding Stimulant features special compounds proven to “hyper-stimulate” the nose and taste buds in fish. It also works without the need for messy creams, pastes, sprays or liquid buckets - and the baits don't dry out either. Specially engineered to simulate the action, appearance and scent trail of live bait, the Attraxx Speed Fry is available in a variety of colors.

Length Quantity
5" 10

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: This is SO funny to me!  I remember a long time ago, Gambler used to make this exact same bait.  No really, I mean this EXACT same bait...........LOOK AT THE TAIL IN THE PICS!  Says GAMBLER right on it!  LMAO  I've heard about taking someone elses bait, but DANG!

From: AC: North of Mexico

Comments: Used this on a dropshot rig, worked well.  Caught a few decent hawgs, great movement and holds up better than the roboworms I was using.

From: Chad: Yakima, WA

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