Austin Lures Rat Wakebait - $56.99

Crafted one at a time by hand, the Austin Lures Rat Wakebait is a must-have for any trophy hunters arsenal. A prime target for large bass looking to score an easy, calorie-rich meal, the Austin Lures Rat Wakebait is designed to tempt fish right-at and immediately-below the surface. Made using a super-sturdy single jointing, the Austin Lures Rat Wakebait dares big bass to strike with its smooth S-shaped swimming action and extra-long rubber rat-tail. Armed with two meaty razor-sharp trebles, the Austin Lures Rat Wakebait is the perfect choice for anglers who want to set a new personal best.

Austin Lures Length w/ Tail Length W/ Out Tail Weight Class
Rat Wakebait 13-1/2" 5-1/4" 1.9oz Wake 

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Austin Lures Rat Wakebait

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