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Please Note: Baits and Jigheads not included

A deadly way to target suspending bass, stripers and other gamefish feeding on baitfish, the BOSS All Wire Compact Swimbait Harness is designed to actually simulate a school of baitfish. Often referred to as an umbrella-rig, it provides you with the potential of catching a limit with a single cast, and it can even be fished with a stouter, standard rod. Shrink wrap covers the crimped wires below the eyelet, and it features five durable wires with swivels that allow you to easily attach your choice of swimbaits, grubs, spinnerbaits or jigs. All four encompassing wires measure 3.5" while the fifth centering wire extends to 4". A silicone storage band is included with the All Wire Compact Swimbait Harness. When not in use, simply slide the band down to collapse the wires.  

**Don't forget to check your State's fish and game rules and regulations - a fully rigged umbrella rig is illegal in some States.


Customer Reviews

Comments: I have 2 boss umbrella rigs that I bought a while ago and had not used until a couple days ago and had trouble opening the small and tight snap ties, they are a pain to get the eye of the hooks or jig head on the little snaps so I had to change them to a bigger size and stronger model,other than that I think is a tough set up,just waiting to go fishing with it!

From: Charlie: Trenton,NJ, USA

Comments: I liked the idea of a smaller version of the typical A-rig when using smaller swimbaits for certain times of the year when shad are smaller.  However, after one day of usage, one of the perimeter wires snapped at the base. Not sure if it was a freak occurence or a quality issue.  I simply bent the remaining wires around into a four wire box configuration.  Grass lakes most likely challenge the quality of the A-Rig products, something to consider when selcting.

From: Jim: Huntsville, AL

Comments:  Out of the package it worked like a charm, unfortunately the first 2 pounder that nailed it broke the weld on one of the arms, which now makes the bait spiral and cross baits during retrieve.  I probably got a lemon, but up until it broke it was the best one I have used.

From: Matt: Broken Arrow, OK

Comments: This is nice small rig.  I use both the regular size Boss headless model and this one.  I would almost call this a finesse umbrella rig because it is so small.  It works great with small 3" swimbaits.  Make for a smaller profile coming through the water.  Since the wires are shorter, it holds the baits closer together.  This rig is also better when the wind is howling.  Since the profile is smaller, it cast better into the wind than the bigger rigs.  It does not tumble all over itself as bad as the larger rigs. I wouldn't recomend using large swimbaits with this rig, because they will just get all tangled up.  With small lures this rigs is great to cast and retreive. Same great quality as the larger Boss rigs.

From: Pao: Boiling Springs, SC

Comments: Nice looking rig, all you have to do is cut the head off a soft bait swimbait and put it on the front clip and you have just as nice of an umbrella rig as the other ones for a 1/2 the price.

From: Anthony: GA

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