BOSS Banded Replacement Skirts 5pk

BOSS Banded Replacement Skirts 5pk

The Boss Replacement Skirts are composed of super pliable 100% Silicone for a tremendous action, and some of the most eye and fish catching colors ever seen.  Endorsed by top bass fishing pro and two-time BASS Angler of the Year, Gary Klien, the Boss Replacement Skirts are what he uses to customize his tackle and stay one step ahead of the fish - and the competition.

Length: 5"

5 per pack

67 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I was hesitant to buy these skirts considering the CAD right now being as low as it is, but these skirts are by far worth it. I also purchased the creature skirts which are super easy to change out if needed. I now have a wicked assortment of custom colors just waiting to be flipped & pitched thanks to BOSS & Tacklewarehouse!

From: Lobstick: Sioux Narrows, Ontario 8/18/16

Comments: I got turned on to Boss Accesories when I was looking for a jig head & skirts to make my own combinations of Jigs. I saw the Gary Klein heavy cover jig head by Boss & liked it. So I decided to by the Boss Replacement Skirts & they are BY FAR the most superior on the Market.  GREAT SKIRTS. They are tough, great colors, great color for holding onto the jig head. Boss simply makes Superior Products at a wonderful Price. I use these skirts from Spinner Baits to Chatter Baits, Punch Skirts, jigs, I trim them & make finesse jigs with them. They simply fulfill every need that you would want a skirt to do.

From: Brownfish: KY 6/2/16

Comments: I don't know where to start these skirts are by far the best on the market! Go great with the Boss heavy wire Jig head, comes it a large variety of color options & just flat out work!

From: Matt: WA 5/27/16

Comments: Wow, these skirts are the BOMB! Choose a couple colors that you like and think will work, pick up a few of the boss jig heads & BAM! Go to work! If you pick up these skirts (did I mention they come in a 5 pack?!) & some of the BOSS Jigheads (4 pack), that is the cheapest & in my opinion the BEST jigs ever! If you love to fish jigs, this is definitely the way to go!

From: Ross: Brentwood, TN 1/9/16

Comments: Best color selection I've ever seen. especially in the light colors. I build my own buzz baits and there are a few of these BOSS banded skirt colors that consistently produce 2X - 3X more strikes than traditional black/white or chartreuse/white. I won't even try a different brand/style. One of my favorite features is the chameleon affect that some of the skirts possess. They will take on a slightly different hue in the water and in the UV light. This, I feel, is one of the big differences that makes this product such an amazing value for the money.

From: J Oly: USA 8/21/15

Comments: Awesome color selection, good quality skirts, good price, I highly recommend these.

From: Shane: Santee, SC  9/8/14

Comments: Great skirts no need to look anywhere else

From: Tyler: Plymouth, MA

Comments: Excellent skirts for replacements or assembling your own..Solwazi..yes the bands are as shown, they hold rattles very well.

From: Justin: Brownsburg, IN

Comments: do the skirts come with the bands as shown in the pic

From: Solwazi: Berkley CA

Comments: These skirts are first class, and come at a great price. The Kinsale Craw is a great bluegill imitator.  Put it on a jig or chatterbait with a Zoom swimming fluke in the Houdini color when bass are eating bluegill in the spring or fall.  I have caught TONS of fish on this combination.

From: Dave: Jaxonville, IL

Comments: great skirt and great price. Gives me the ability to match the hatch anywhere!! I have just about every great color!

From: Todd: Valley Forge, PA

Comments: Great skirts, great price. I use Boss jigs exclusively.

From: KH: NJ

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