The BOSS Double Down Kicker Tail Trailer is the first of its kind 100% silicone molded trailer for buzzbaits, spinnerbaits, chatterbaits and jigs.  Its silicone construction provides unmatched durability with great action, bright colors and glitters designed to match your skirts perfectly.  The two paddle tail type appendages kick erratically on the retrieve, and a small molded-in hole in the center allows you to attach it to the skirt collar. 

3 per pack

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Got this trailer to go on the back of a Gary Klein Heavy cover jig head because I love the concept. In the video Gary talks about the durability of these trailers and how you can catch a bunch of fish without it getting torn up. Well I wouldn't know because I broke 2 of them trying to get it past the keeper on the jig head. Not sure if i got an old pack and the rubber got brittle or if the quality control guys at boss are on a permanent vacation but buyer beware. Sorry Gary, I love ya but this product gets a thumbs down :(

From: Mike: Salem, MA

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