BOSS Invader Jig 3pk

Built specifically for penetrating thick cover, the Boss Invader Jig gives anglers the perfect platform for building their own highly customized jigs for pitching and flipping. Backed by a premium fiber weedguard, the BOSS Invader Jig is able to maneuver through sticks and matted vegetation while keeping its super-sharp heavy wire 6/0 hook free of snags. In addition, the BOSS Invader Jig comes with a skirt collar that allows anglers to use any number of Skirts Unlimited Skirting Materials to make their own highly individualized creations. Complete with a super-durable paint job, the BOSS Invader Jig is just what you need to get into the thickest cover and lay siege to unsuspecting bass.  

4 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: These jigheads are the most versatile I have ever fished. Football jigs are outdated and get hung up too much because of the line tie angle. These jigheads have a straight line tie, similar to the Strike King DB structure jig.  This jig will climb through brush and rock like you wouldnt believe. Especially important when fishing heavier jigs because they tend to get hung up in cover easier but these are awesome.

From: Buster: Greensboro, NC 6/28/15

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