Featuring custom balanced lead heads complete with unmatched 5-step paint jobs, the BOSS Swim Jigs are also equipped with Skirts Unlimited Creature Skirts in a variety of effective colors and patterns. 3D eyes provide additional realism, and each BOSS Swim Jig is equipped with a Mustad 4/0 Ultra Point Hook, a handy bait keeper, and a flexible weedguard.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This is a great jig. Super sharp hooks and very strong. After 30 bass the hooks are still razor sharp. Skirt is very durable. I like how the line tie is at the nose of the bait meaning it slides through(as opposed to popping the fishes mouth open) the fishes mouth resulting in better hook sets. I wish more jig manufacturers would take this into consideration. Really can't think of a negative on this bait.

From: Cory: Uppermidwest

Comments: Awesome jig 6 pounder second cast with a double tail grub!

From: Luke: NC

Comments: this jig is awesome i went out from 9 am to 5pm yesterday its was windy rainy and cold so i tryed jigs on the bottom jerk baits spinner baits and just about every thing in my tackle box after the rain stop for like 10 mins i relized the water was muddy so i thought a white color would work i picked up this jig in the blue ghost color and i put a zoom ultra vibe worm in white as a trailer and destroyed the bass i went from catching now in like 3 or 4 hours to catching 7 in 4 hours i also caught 3 bass 2 days before. also it is super weedless i would cast it right into a think patch of grass and it would come throught or i would cast it into lilys and the same thing would happen. the hook ratio was amazing i didnt miss one fish the weed guard is just perfect to let u get a good hook up and the hook is super sharp and it will not bend out easy i used 30 pound braid to pull a 4 lbs out of thick grass and lilys and it didnt even bend a little but i the true test will be a 7 or 8 pounder out of grass. i recommend buying these and i am getting ready to make another order of this in some differnt colors. -tight lines-

From: Jack: Weston, FL

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