There is nothing more rewarding than catching fish on a homemade lure. Trick out your umbrella rig with the BOSS Swimbait Harness Mold Kit. Just like an artist, colors schemes, eyes and terminal tackle components are up to you. Each kit comes with a mold, 5 wire sets, and silicone putty. Utilize epoxy/polyester to pour your own rig. These materials can be found at your local hardware store. Once painted, 3/16 eyes will bring you umbrella rig to life. During the molding process, prevent epoxy/polyester leakage around the wires by making use of the soft silicone putty, plumbers putty is a great alternative. The BOSS Swimbait Harness Mold Kit comes with enough wires to make five baits. Molding instructions are included.

BOSS Swimbait Harness Umbrella Rig Replacement Wires

Customer Reviews

Comments: This mold kit is very easy to use. I am very satisfied. I found Loctite 2 part epoxy to work very well. Also, don't worry about the epoxy leaking out. Just trim and sand afterward.

From: Tee: USA

Comments: FYI, the Loctite 2-part epoxy will work (Lowe's 8oz. size).  You have to help it flow into the cavity with a small straw.  I secured the mold with adjustable clamps.  Take a small piece of the silicone (included) and flatten it out and wrap around the 5 wires before the two mold pieces are secured together.  Another small piece of silicone needs to be pressed against the line tie wire on the outside of the mold after the mold is secured together.  Pretty easy after you play with it for awhile.

From: Bob: Belleville, IL

Comments: Very poor instructions.  What types/brand of casting resins are recommended?  How to use the silicone?  How should silicone mold be secured?  Rubber bands do not hold the mold halves tight enough.  Recommend a brand of mold release if one is needed.  I have tried Easy Cast casting resin and it was too thin and leaked from the mold.  I tried Loctite 2-part epoxy and it was too thick to pour in the mold.

From: Bob: Belleville, IL

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