BOSS True Vision Fish 3D Eyes 100pk - $6.49

These BOSS True Vision 3D eyes are hand laid piece by piece which gives a realistic 3D look. Some eyes on the market have epoxy dripped over a printed image. This cheaper method of manufacturing results in a less realistic eye. BOSS eyes are done one step at a time, for example, start with a chartreuse foil backing then a red foil pupil shape is placed on top of the backing. Once these two steps are complete a smaller black pupil shape is placed on top of the red foil and then sent to the dotting machine where the epoxy type mixture is dripped on top of each eye. This three layered process gives a truly realistic 3D appearance in this case chartreuse red ring black pupil.

BOSS True Vision 3D Eyes are perfect for adding a realistic appearance to all hard bodied baits, spinnerbaits and swim jigs.

Make sure to check out the other BOSS True Vision Looking Down 3D Eyes for even more lure customization options. 

Chartreuse Red Ring
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BOSS True Vision Fish 3D Eyes 100pk

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  • Chartreuse Red Ring
    Size Stock Qty
    1/4" 5+
    3/16" 4
    5/32" 5+
  • Gold Silver Ring
    Size Stock Qty
    1/4" 5+
    3/16" 5+
    5/32" 4
  • Natural Green Gold Ring
    Size Stock Qty
    1/4" 4
    3/16" 5+
    5/32" 5
  • Silver Gold Ring
    Size Stock Qty
    1/4" 5+
    3/16" 3
    5/32" 5+

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Comments: I have used many different eyes on my lures.  Holographic, Jurassic, Orvis, etc... and these are by far the most realistic. Definately worth the investment.

From: Stashbaits: USA 9/5/14

Comments: These eyes are nice.  The 1/4 inch size fits Xcalibur 50s perfectly, but they are a little smaller than the eyes on the Red Eye Shad.  Too small in my opinion-not sure if the fish will care or not.  May get the 6th Sense Crush eyes next time since they come in a larger size. 

From: Hank: Jville, FL

Comments: These are great on any paint that has painted eyes.  A brush of crazy glue underneath, and you are all set.  Great price for the number you get.

From: Bipoppabass: Nashua, NH

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