The BOSS True Vision Looking Down 3D Eyes are hand-laid piece-by-piece, unlike other eyes on the market, which have epoxy dripped over a printed image. This cheaper method of manufacturing results in a less realistic eye. BOSS eyes, on the other hand, are done one-step-at-a-time. For example with chartreuse red ring black pupil eye, the process starts with a chartreuse foil backing which then has a red foil pupil shape placed on top of it. Once these two steps are complete, a smaller black pupil shape is placed on top of the red foil, and the eye is then sent to the dotting machine where an epoxy-type mixture is dripped on top of each eye. This three layered process is what provides the truly realistic 3D appearance that only the BOSS True Vision Looking Down 3D Eyes can deliver.

BOSS True Vision 3D Eyes are perfect for adding a realistic appearance to all hard bodied baits, spinnerbaits and swim jigs.

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Comments: Super duper! If you like to slap your baits on the water to remove grass and other crap, you have baits missing eyes. Here are new eyes. And they rock! Dont be lame and trust the glue that comes on the back of the eyes, use super glue. Under 7 bones for 100, you cant turn this deal down. I do one eye looking down and one normal one, but I am weird like that.

From: Meatwad: eyein ya

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