The Boss Weed Eater is designed to penetrate grass and matted vegetation, and is an essential component of the popular punch rig. What sets the Weed Eater apart is its built-in skirt keeper and Skirts Unlimited Creature Skirt, which provides a more streamlined and simplified presentation than most punch rigs. Featuring unmatched, custom 5-step paint jobs in a variety of colors, the Boss Weed Eater is an excellent variation on the popular Punch Rig weighting system.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Amazing Punch Rig up esp. for the price! tight lines

From: Milwaukee, WI

Comments: need baitfish colors

Comments: I was catching alot of 3 to 4lbs UNTILL I matched up the boss weed eater in pb&j 3/8 with a black and red flake swim fluke, and it was ON! 5 and 8lb back to back, gonna be buying more!

Comments: Durable, good colors, but please ask BOSS to make a 1/4 or 3/8 size.

Comments: this is amazing with a texas rig hook and a bama color trick worm you want catch them constantly but when you hook one it'll be HUGE! missed a 8-9 pounder

From: Chaz: Texas, USA

Comments:Amazing bait! Way better setup than the Pay Check Baits version of the punch lure. One of these with a Trokar flip hook and you are all set.

From:Roc: Tracy, CA

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