B&P Drop Shot Wraps 4pk - $6.99

Drop shotting has caught on with anglers all over the Country, and is being used by tournament pros and novices alike. The one complaint anglers have in common is tangled lines when the rig is not being used. The B&P Drop Shot Wraps finally solve this problem for us all. When your drop shot is not in use, simply slide your drop shot weight between the wrap and rod handle. This allows you to lay your drop shot rod on the deck and be free of time wasting tangles. Offered in a convenient four pack, the B&P Drop Shot Wraps are sure to make your next fishing trip that much more enjoyable.

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B&P Drop Shot Wraps 4pk

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B&P Drop Shot Wraps 4pk $6.99

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Comments: I bought a set of these for my niece who I'm introducing to dropshot, but doesn't have a rod with dropshot specific hook keeper. These will do the job, but so would any generic elastic hair band or Velcro strip. Work OK with a full grip, but not so well on a split grip. This is a good concept that in my opinion falls a bit short; A little bit of elastic would have gone a long way with these wraps.

From: Dave: Hacienda Heights, CA 5/8/14

Comments: I have had no problems with these, in fact I was very impressed as to their durability. I am putting in an order for some for my Father in Law and my Brother who fish quite often.

From: Mike: Santa Paula, CA


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