Bac Rac U-Adapter - $50.00

The Bac Rac U-Adapter allows anglers to utilize the convenience of the Bac Rac Rod Rack in an even wider range of situations than ever before. Complete with all of the necessary stainless steel hardware, the Bac Rac U-Adapter easily attaches to Bac Rac Rod Rack, allowing you to easily affix the Bac Rac U-Adapter & Rod Rack to the front, rear  or ends of any hatch and keep your rods safe, secure, and free of tangles. It is also easily removable when not in use for maximum convenience and versatility.

To install, simply place the Bac Rac U-adapters on the front or rear of the desired hatch. Set the Bac Rac Rod Rack on the adapter keeping the flanges centered over the pre-drilled holes, and then tape them in place with masking tape. Remove the assemblies from the hatch, clamp them together, and using the supplied drill bit, drill through the Bac Rac U-Adapter holes and the Bac Rac Rod Racks. Screw the Bac Racs down to the adapters and you are ready for tangle-free fishing. 

Dimensions: 10"L x 4"W 

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Bac Rac U-Adapter

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Bac Rac U-Adapter $50.00

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