Backstabber Lipless Crankbait - $8.99

The Backstabber Lipless Crankbait features a unique design - with a hook extending out of the back of the bait, as opposed to the belly. The hook being on the top of the lure greatly reduces the likelihood of snags and hang-ups, and also hooks fish on the top lip - increasing your odds of landing bigger fish. Additionally, both of the hooks rotate 360-degrees, so fish can't use the lure as leverage and bust free. Backstabber Lures adjusted the weighting of each bait as well to accommodate the top hook placement, and ensure the Backstabber Lipless Crankbait runs as true as any of your conventional lipless cranks.

Backstabber Length Weight Class
Lipless Crankbait 3" 1/2oz Sinking

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Backstabber Lipless Crankbait

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  • Chrome Blue Stabber
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  • Citrus Sexy Stabber
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  • Ghost Stabber
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  • Red Craw Stabber
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  • Sexy Stabber
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Comments: I have never had much of a problem landing fish with lipless baits. I actually have big fish swallow them so bad that the hooks get buried in the gills. I am mainly attracted to this bait because the hook is on the top, which means it will hook them in the top of the mouth rather than the gills. Just ordered mine so I can't wait to test this theory. 

From: Jacob: OR 1/6/15

Comments: Reel it slow, dead stick it, pitch it, stroke it, so on and so forth. For best results fish bait without bottom split ring and hook. Great for kids and adults alike. Fish with confidence and catch some fish with this bait year round.

From: William: Thomaston, GA 10/21/14

Comments: I picked up a lipless and shallow square bill to fish the shallows and deal with the weedy bottoms. The lure quality is great and I love the embedded swivels. The lipless looks amazing in the water but I had a really tough time avoiding hang ups on the split ring. Hope to play with it some more in the future.

From: Kyle: Austin, TX  5/12/14

Comments: how many bass have you lost on lip less crankbaits? if your like me the answer is TOO many. well, this lure is the cure for 90% of the hook-ups. i thought it would hang-up in a swimming pool with the hook on the top of the bait. WRONG! this jewel does not hang-up any more than any other lipless bait i ever threw, maybe less. the lost fish rep was the biggest complaint from bass fishermen everywhere. putting the hook on top was the last thing that came to mind to improve on the landing ratio for these baits. well the person/persons that did it are to be given cudos from the entire population of bassmen and women on the planet. this bait is a winner! well done and thank you for your genius in lure design, whoever you are. no cure is 100% but this one is reel close---

From: Wes: Salinas, CA

Comments: The lipless Backstabber is a great Florida bait. It rips through the grass unlike any other rattle-trap I have ever fished. Try using it where other similar crankbaits get hung up in the grass and you'll see what makes it special.

From: Travis: Gainesville, FL

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