The Backstabber Lures Mid-Depth Crankbait is designed to resist snagging and hanging up better than conventional crankbait designs - thanks to its unique hook placement. Instead of a belly hook, the Backstabber Crankbait features a hook extending from the back of the bait. Specially weighted and tuned to run just as true as your conventional crankbaits, the hooks also rotate 360-degrees, so fish can't use the lure as leverage and break free. Available in a variety of colors, the top hook placement of the Backstabber Mid-Depth Crankbait also hooks the fish in the top lip - increasing your chances of landing larger fish.

Backstabber Length Weight Dive Depth
Mid-Depth Crankbait 2.5" 1/2oz 8-12ft

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Runs terrible. Was really looking forward to seeing it in action but was deeply dissapointed especially for the price. Unable to tune it either.

From: Carlos: Lake Amistad, TX

Comments: I can never get this thing to run true. The replacement one did the same thing as the first one.  I am not even cranking this thing fast (curado E5). I will send it back.

From: Phillip: MN

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