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Balsa wood baits have long been known for their lively, natural action in the water and their extreme buoyancy. Other woods and plastic materials have since come on the scene, but many pro's still turn to them and keep old proven ones around for years because of their innate fish catching ability.

Made from 100% balsa wood, the Bagley Honey B generates a tight, fast action that you just can’t get with any other material. Crafted with a stunted bill, the diminutive Bagley Honey B works incredibly well around shallow waters for light-feeding bass and panfish. The tried-and-true Bagley Honey B has been putting fish in the boat for thirty-plus years, and even helped Rick Clunn capture the 1976 Bassmasters Classic title at Lake Guntersville, Alabama. Unlike other flash-in-the-pan baits that are hot for a season and then get stored in the tacklebox never to be seen again, the Bagley Honey B has been, and will continue to be, a staple in the bass fishing community for many years. 

 Bagley Length Weight Depth
 Honey B 1-1/2" 1/4oz 0-4ft

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Bagley Honey B

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  • Blue Gill
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  • Chartreuse Crayfish on White
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  • Chartreuse Shad
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  • Parrot
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  • Red Crawfish
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  • Sexy Shad
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  • Shad
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  • Tennessee Shad
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