Simulating the look, action, and sound of a fleeing crawfish, the Baker Lures Rattling Crawfish Lipless Crankbait attracts bass at any retrieve speed. Maintaining a depth of 3’ feet, even when killed, the Baker Lures Rattling Crawfish Lipless Crankbait maximizes the time spent in the strike zone and the odds of getting fish to bite. The precisely shaped crankbait features an internal rattle system that creates a unique clicking noise that grabs the attention of nearby bass. Offered in a multitude of intricate crawfish patterns, the Baker Lures Rattling Crawfish Lipless Crankbait will make an excellent addition to your tackle arsenal. 

Baker Lures Length Weight Class
Lipless Crawfish Crank 3-1/4" 1/3oz Rattling

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Customer Reviews

Comments: crushed the large mouth in the grass on lake sam rayburn in tx with orange color. They cast a mile. Great bait.

From: Jim: PA 11/25/15

Comments: TW changed the title finally from "suspending" to "rattling" but this is a GREAT crankbait all around. and very realistic. For the price I highly reccomend. BUt it does not Suspend by any means, it just works like it's supposed to. Baker's packaging, I believe, says "suspending" so it certainly wasn't TW's fault...There's a reason you don't see many/hardly any suspending or floating lipless cranks...because it's hard to make it work like a true rattle bait and float or suspend. But buy this bait, it's a good one.

From: Tanner: Southeastern, MA

Comments: A very nice bait for a very nice price...Really cool profile when the light shines thru it. Quite realistic. TW just recently fixed the title of these from "suspending lipless crankbait" to "rattling crawfish lipless crankbait" and I'm glad they did. I believe baker's packaging may have said "suspending" so it's not TW's fault but it's just not a suspending crankbait by any means. It's just a goood, solid, nice rattle bait.

From: Tanner: Southeastern, MA

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