Baker Lures Suspending Jerkbait - $6.49 to $6.99

Crafted with an internal magnetic weight system and precisely positioned rattles, the Baker Lures Suspending Jerkbait delivers long distance casting capabilities and a distinct acoustic pitch that drives bass wild. Producing a provocative action at any retrieval speed, the Baker Lures Suspending Jerkbait utilizes a specially calibrated lip to reach a precise diving depth of 3ft. Available in a number of exquisitely designed colors and offered at a price point that won’t break the bank, the Baker Lures Suspending Jerkbait is definitely worth a shot. 

Baker Lures Length Weight Depth Class
Jerkbait JLD2 3-1/4" 1/3oz 3ft Suspending
Jerkbait JLD3 3-3/4" 1/2oz 3ft Suspending

Treble Hooks

Comments: These jerkbaits are a winner. Of the many "suspending" jerkbaits that I own, the Baker is one of the very few that actually hangs in place, neither rising nor sinking.

From: MA

Comments: i used the baker jerkbaits this spring! They worked really good for smallmouth bass. Water temp was 43-53 degrees. I caught them on 5 different colors in clear water. i was impressed.

From: PA

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Baker Lures Suspending Jerkbait

5 Available Colors

  • Black Scale
    Size Stock Qty
    3.25" 04/28
    3.75" 5+
  • Coral Opal Ice
    Size Stock Qty
    3.25" 5
    3.75" 5+
  • Red Throat Prism
    Size Stock Qty
    3.25" 5+
    3.75" 5+
  • Silver Back
    Size Stock Qty
    3.25" 1
    3.75" 5+
  • Silver Prism
    Size Stock Qty
    3.25" 3
    3.75" 5+