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Baker Lures Suspending Jerkbait - $6.49 to $6.99

Crafted with an internal magnetic weight system and precisely positioned rattles, the Baker Lures Suspending Jerkbait delivers long distance casting capabilities and a distinct acoustic pitch that drives bass wild. Producing a provocative action at any retrieval speed, the Baker Lures Suspending Jerkbait utilizes a specially calibrated lip to reach a precise diving depth of 3ft. Available in a number of exquisitely designed colors and offered at a price point that won’t break the bank, the Baker Lures Suspending Jerkbait is definitely worth a shot. 

Baker Lures Length Weight Depth Class
Jerkbait JLD2 3-1/4" 1/3oz 3ft Suspending
Jerkbait JLD3 3-3/4" 1/2oz 3ft Suspending

Treble Hooks

Comments: Baker lures is one of my favorite jerk baits now. I caught bass all day with the coral opal ice color and the black scale color. They are built with very quality products and the main thing is you can afford to throw these guys in places where you wouldn't the 28 dollar megabass lures. Another great thing about the Baker lures is they do what they say they will. You had better get you some before the price goes up and the word gets around about how great they catch fish.

From: William: Hohenwald, TN 5/17/14

Comments: These jerkbaits are a winner. Of the many "suspending" jerkbaits that I own, the Baker is one of the very few that actually hangs in place, neither rising nor sinking.

From: MA

Comments: i used the baker jerkbaits this spring! They worked really good for smallmouth bass. Water temp was 43-53 degrees. I caught them on 5 different colors in clear water. i was impressed.

From: PA

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Baker Lures Suspending Jerkbait

5 Available Colors

  • Black Scale
    Size Stock Qty
    3.25" 3
    3.75" 5+
  • Coral Opal Ice
    Size Stock Qty
    3.75" 5+
  • Red Throat Prism
    Size Stock Qty
    3.25" 10/23
    3.75" 5+
  • Silver Back
    Size Stock Qty
    3.25" 5+
    3.75" 5+
  • Silver Prism
    Size Stock Qty
    3.25" 4
    3.75" 2