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A flat bodied crankbait can be the answer to a slow day on the water. Pair this design with a coffin lip and put the Bandit Flat Maxx Crankbait to work. This design produces a tight wiggle for a natural look. The coffin lip design of the Flat Maxx makes it ideal for throwing around wood as it will deflect from the hard cover creating a slight pause and directional change that will trigger instinctive strikes. The Bandit Flat Maxx is an ideal crankbait for cold water.

Bandit Length Weight Depth Class
Deep 2.75" 1/2 oz. 8-12 ft. Floating
Shallow 2.75" 1/2 oz. 4-8 ft. Floating

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3 Colors

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    Model No. BDTFMS1A28
    Chartreuse Rootbeer
    Size Stock Qty
    Shallow 03/17
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    Model No. BDTFMS108
    Louisiana Shad
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    Deep 03/06
    Shallow 10+
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    Model No. BDTFMS1A20
    Threadfin Shad
    Size Stock Qty
    Deep 1
    Shallow 10+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: These crankbaits will catch a lot of fish.  I really like the deep flat max.  It seems to really work the best in the colder months.  I caught a 15.45 pound bass on one a few years back.  Unfortunately they discontinued the chrome version of this bait.  There are durability issues with the bait as it will crack.  But I've caught hundreds of bass on this lure and never lost a fish due to the bait cracking.  Just chunk the cracked one and tie on another one.  They're cheap enough.

From: Brad: Leander, TX

Comments: Better on largemouth than smallmouth, and works extremely in clear water around bluff banks and outside weedlines.  The deep version has a unique action with good 'flash' and no rattle. Despite all of the flat sided baits on the market there's nothing else out there like it.  Great when bass are suspended near the dive depth, as it rises slow and wobble free when 'killed'.  Two 'knocks' on this one..... First, the narrow coffin lip results in lots of snags around wood so make sure your Obie's lure retriever is in the boat.  Second, the lips are prone to cracking between the line-tie and the lure body which renders the bait useless. If you fish clear lakes with steep bluff banks or well defined deep weedlines it's a great bait.  Otherwise opt for something else.

From: Gerry: Farmington,PA

Comments: Didn't get to throw this bait much. Cracked right behind the lip while rigged on the rod in the rod locker. No opinion on the action of this bait but the durability on mine was very poor.

From: Steven: PA

Comments: The Flat Maxx has become my favorite crankbait period.  It catches all species and trolls as well as it casts.

From: Bob: Newark, OH, USA

Comments: I picked up a flatmaxx shallow runner when they first came out. Its been a while, and I throw it on and off. Know what? NOTHIN. I am going to give it to the snotty little kid in my club who thinks he has a future in bass fishing because he owns a jersey.

From: Meatwad

Comments: Jerry, Same issue happen to me too. I broke the lip off on my 5th cast. Great lure but not durable

Comments: Outstanding lure for Walleye,Bass and Northern.  However the bill on one lure broke off first time out of the box on a rock while retrieving it and I was not abusing the lure at all.  I also noticed when I pulled this same lure from the box there were very obvious flaws in the paint job too.  This makes me question the lure from a quality stand point. However I still recommend buying it as it will catch fish.

From: Jerry: Rushford, MN

Comments:  My go to flat CB.  I use the Little John MD, Bomber Flat A and the Flat Maxx when the water temps fall below 60 degrees.  All have their place but the Flat Maxx is the one I tie on the most mainly because it dives a little deeper than the others.  For rip-rap that drops off quickly into 10+ water it can't be beat.  A steady retrieve works but a jerk-jerk-pause retrieve seems to put more fish in the boat.

From: Derrell: Summerville, GA

Comments:These cranks are a great buy for the money! They are just like a Bandit 200 series but they weigh a little bit more allowing you to cast even further. I love the color schemes on a lot of the cranks Bandit offers but the Flat Maxx, to me, is better than the 200 series just because of you can cast them better. The only thing you may need to consider on the Flat Maxx is they are a little bigger than a 200 series so if the baitfish are smaller in your area, you might want to stick with the 200 series. (200 series make a slight better vibration in the water than the Flat Maxx). Long story short, the Bandit Flat Maxx is one of my favorite crank baits.

From:Josh: Lebanon, TN

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