Bandit Lures Footloose Crankbaits - $6.49

The Bandit Footloose is unique among Bandit Crankbaits for it's ability to be fished at extremely shallow depths. Slightly larger than Bandit 1000 series lures, The Bandit Footloose features a 2 inch body and low lip design that allow retrieves just under the surface. Excellent for shallow edges or submerged vegetation that grows near the surface. The Bandit Footloose Runs no more than 1 1/2 feet deep.

Bandit Length Weight Dive Depth Class
Series 100 2" 1/4 oz. 0-1 ft. Floating

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Bandit Lures Footloose Crankbaits

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  • Bluegill
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  • Baby Bass
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  • Chartreuse Blue Back
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  • Chrome Blue Back
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  • Pearl Red Eye
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  • Red Crawfish
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  • Spring Craw Yellow
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  • Tennessee Shad
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  • Pearl Black Back
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Comments: great little wake bait. Little light to throw in a breeze. I have and old perch color and is usually first bait tied on in shallow water. Great bait with good hooks for the price..

From: Dave: Fort Plain, NY 3/17/15

Comments: This lure has caught me plenty of bass. my go to lure for shallow water fishing.

From: Tommy: Tennessee, USA

Comments: this is the best wake bait i've ever used PERIOD!!!!

From: Lucas: Glasgow, KY 

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