Bandit Ledge Series 250 Crankbaits - $5.79

Bandit Lures, the makers of quality and innovative crankbaits, has added the Bandit 250 Series to its already popular crankbait line-up. Due to its weighted chambers, this rattling mid-range true-tracking crankbait is perfectly engineered, allowing the bait to stay in the strike zone longer. The Bandit 250 is a third larger than the ever-popular 200 Series with a new lip design to help it reach depths of 12-14 feet. Whether you're a pro or a weekend angler, the Bandit 250 Series Crankbait can help take your fishing to the next level. Land it… with a Bandit.

Click on the Product Video link below the image to see Bassmasters Elite Series Pro Greg Vinson discuss the Bandit Ledge Series 250 Crankbait. 

Bandit Length Weight Depth Class
250 Series 2.75" 0.70oz 12-14ft Floating

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Bandit Ledge Series 250 Crankbaits

12 Available Colors Sign up for Bandit Crankbaits news and updates.

  • Brown Craw Org Belly
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  • Chartreuse Blue Back
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  • Chartreuse Fleck
    Stock Qty
  • Fried Squash
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  • Metal Flake Shad
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  • Natural Shad
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  • Pearl Red Eye
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  • Red Crawfish
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  • River Bream
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  • Rootbeer
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  • Sparkle Ghost
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  • Sunperch
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Comments: Very pleased with these baits. The colors were what drew my attention to them. I bought a metal flake shad and natural shad. Been doing quite well with them along the dam at my local lake.

From: Caleb: IN

Comments: Nice bait. It has a good action and takes it down deep. I set this up along a Spro Fat Papa 70 to whack them in the deeper waters.

From: Joey: Phoenix, AZ

Comments: Did anybody order the rootbeer? These are great baits that won't break the bank. I only use Bandit and Spro crank baits

From: mark: Spokane, WA

Comments:  I purchased 2 to try and was very pleased with the product. First day out cought 8 fish on the Charteuse Fleck. The crankbait ran true all day. This is the 1st time I have used Bandit crankbaits but was impressed. I was able to get the bait down to about 13' on ten pound test.

From: Fishbell: Fort Mills, SC

Comments: Generally I think Bandits colors/patterns suck.  I find them to cheap looking especially in the face of so many "real" designs out there now.  I am however VERY pleased with these lures.  They have some new colors that seem to be a real upgrade (in the 250 and other sizes too) as well and this is a nice fat lure, and upgrade in size.  I am very excited to toss this lure out.  I am glad Bandit is doing some upgrades and making some great changes !!!  Keep up the good work.

From: Pskirner: Cleveland, Ohio

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