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Bass Boat Solutions' DPS is a cable operated drain plug system that allows the boat drain plug to be operated from inside or outside the boat. DPS is a direct replacement on most late model bass boats and can be retrofitted to others with ease.

DPS is made from the best quality materials available. The cable is stainless steel and the drain plug, housing, and knob are made using Delrin material. Setscrews are used to secure the drain plug and knob to the cable. DPS is easy to install and operate.

To operate the DPS from inside the boat simply pull knob and cable to seat the drain plug into the housing then turn knob three turns counter clockwise. Installation complete. Now the day is saved and time to go fishing.

No More Embarrassing Moments.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I bought this after fishing all day in a tournament after forgetting to put in the drain plug. I got lucky as the plug just happened to be wedged in the right place to keep my boat from sinking. I figured I've used up most of my luck by now...This thing works good. Make sure to clean all the old sealant off the transom before gluing the new one in. I used 3M Marine Adhesive and its watertight. Fairly easy to actuate.

From: Stan: SLO

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