Bass Craft FR 2.5 Flat Runner Crankbait

Bass Craft FR 2.5 Flat Runner Crankbait

The Bass Craft FR 2.5 Flat Runner Crankbait offers all of the advantages of balsa wood without any of the drawbacks associated with the highly buoyant, yet sometimes frail medium. Built using high-density balsa wood, the Bass Craft FR 2.5 Flat Runner Crankbait tempts bass in the 4-to-6 foot range with a mouth-watering action. On the outside, the Bass Craft FR 2.5 Flat Runner Crankbait is covered with a protective polymer, which bolsters durability and allows it to stand up to big fish and rough terrain.

In addition to the polymer, the exterior of the Bass Craft FR 2.5 Flat Runner Crankbait features a custom paint job from Bait Werks – a lure customization company dedicated to providing lifelike and flawless designs. Armed with razor-sharp Mustad EWG hooks, the Bass Craft FR 2.5 Flat Runner Crankbait combines the time-tested effectiveness of balsa with contemporary manufacturing methods to give anglers the best of both worlds.  

Bass Craft Length Weight Depth
FR 2.5 Flat Runner Crank 2-1/2" 7/16oz 4-6ft

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

4 Colors

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    Model No. FR25-BLUEGILL
    Size Stock Qty
    2.5 2
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    Model No. FR25-FADEDCITRUS
    Faded Citrus
    Size Stock Qty
    2.5 02/06
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    Model No. FR25-SEXYSHAD
    Sexy Shad
    Size Stock Qty
    2.5 1
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    Model No. FR25-SHAD
    Size Stock Qty
    2.5 4

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Great cranks. The paint job is AMAZING. They cast a mile and they just have that "wobble" that makes the difference. Great product. My only warning, is to be careful of where you are casting. Unlike plastic cranks, that just get scratched typically this is a paint job that can get chipped if you hit a rock. Just keep some fingernail polish  and some clear coat with you and you'll be set.

From: Unknown: USA

Comments: Bluegill and Mikes Craw are my favorite !! Action is amazing, paint jobs are off the chain!! worth every penny!

From: Justin: Goose Creek, SC

Comments: The Bass Craft FR 2.5 Flat Runner Crankbait is a fantastic crankbait when the bite is tough. I've caught many 5+ lb bass on this in the wintertime when flat-sided crankbaits are at their strongest and I'm not catching them on anything else. It's my go-to cold water crankbait!

From: Unknown: USA

Comments: Balsa baits don't get any better than the hand-crafted Bass Craft Crankbait.  Every bait is hand-tuned and tested before being sold, and the incredible finish from Dwain Batey of is second-to-none. You will love the tight wobble of the FR2.5 - this lure is the top of the line flat-sided crankbait

From: Mike: Union, KY

Comments: this has got to be the very best flat side crankbait I've ever used!!! Remarkable action from a true balsa wood crankbait and the paint is second to none!!!

From: Todd: GA

Comments: the flat runner has a great tight wiggle. Great for all times of year. Especially prespawn. Has been very durable. Best of all caught bass??

From: Dwight: Whiteville, NC

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